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Tho President is unfortunate in a certain slowncBS, which gives sometimos to liis courao the appearauce of hesitation or dawdling. Ho has boon moro unfortuuate ia what must be fnuik ly describod as the verdancy of his Cabinet. Thcy wanted to do tho right thing, but ia their newness to political methods they simply did not knovr how. ïhoy have thus been betrayed by their rawness into ocoasional positive blunders, but their luiin mishaps have boen of the negativo kind. Soroly needing help, thoy havo exasperatingiy missed opportunities for securing it. - New York Trihun. We feel safe, however, from a somewhat intimate acquaintanoe, in sayimj that if thoro is any backmg down in this matter, it will not bo by Mr. Cornell. He is by all odds a " stubbornor " man than " oio Graut." Ho don't say muoh, but lio keeps up a deuco of a thinking, and in the long run is very apt to coino out ahead. - Elinira Advertiser. Tho latost development of the civil service reform tnoveinent is, that owing to the orders of the Administration with reference to Government employés pnrticipating in politics, not more thau a small percentage of thein will come lomo to vote this fall. Wa do not (dot but the consistent result of tho jolioy forbidding Government clerks ;o tako an active part in political movements, is that thoy should be temporarily disfrauchised. But is not that sort of thing capablo of being run into tho jround-


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