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Sinco our last report deeda have been put on record in the Register's office showing sales as follow8 : Lovel Harrison to William P. Brown, land on sections 6 and 7, Ann Arbor. $8,235. Henry 0.' Twamley to Francia A. Birkhart, 80 acres off section 24, Sylvan. $2,600. Wm. F. Bird to R. A. Beal lots 10 and 11 iu Wilmot's additiou to Ann Arbor $2,000. Lyman Hayes to Einma Jano Hayea, 40 acres of section 32 iu Sylvan, and 40 acres off section 9 in Shafon. $2,000. Frank Nowland to Phebe J. O'Hara, 40 acre off section 19, Ypsilanti. $1,500. James Savage to Michael Savage, 20 acres off section 9, Sylvan. ■ Charles H. Wallace to Jane B. Wallace, lot 404, Ypsilanti. l,ó00. John W. Flower to John L. Hixon, lot corner Pearl and BalkrJ streets, iu Stuck's addition to Ypsilanti. $450. Joseph Swarthout to George F. Davidaon, ot 3 iu block 22, J. M. Congüon's third addition to Chelsea. $450, Stephen B. .Morse to William H. Hall, lot 43 in Morse's addition to Ypsilanti. $200. Charles H. Kempf to Mary Boeker, 40 acres oif sectiou 34, Dexter. $980. Willis Warner to A. A. Davis Warner, 81 acres off sectlon 28, Sylvau. $2,000. Isacc C. Handy to Elizabeth H. Winee, lot 7 in block 5 south ruilde ö east, Ann Arbor. $3,600. Edward Comiskey to Joseph Coraiskey, 40 acres oif section 16, Northh'eld. $ 1,600. DaTid Sinith to John Boyce, lot 348 in Norris & Cross' addition to Ypsilanti. Y1,500. David Pierce to William Clark, 40 acres off section 11, Dexter. $238. Edward Brigga to Lucy E. Frothingham, lots 1, 2, and part of lot 3, in block 5 eouth lange 5 east, Auu Arbor. 11,413. John G. Schnierle to Christina Schnierle, 20 acres oif sectiou 28, Northfield. $1,000. Hannah Starks to Guorge Clarken, lot 4 in block 4 south range 3 west, Ana Arbor. $150. Franklin L. Parker to Pauline J. Smith, 40 acres off section 8, Aan Arbor. $1,200. Harvey Bennett to John D. Forsytu, 80 aerea off sectiou 33, York. $1,850. John P. Johnson to David Kells, 20 acres off sectiou 30, Augusta. $1,200. B. A. Beal to Wm. F. Bird, land off sections 27 aud 34, Lyndou. $2,000, Simón H. Gay to Charles M. Blackman, lot 7 iu Gay's secoud additiou to Miian. $125. George W. Cady to Jennette B. Campbell, lot and store on south side oí Cross , street adjoinlng railroad, Ypsilanti. $3,000. Horace Aray to to Milton H Begole, 80 acres off section 24, Pittsfield. $3,500. Mary A. Richards to Thomas McNamara, about 2 1-2 acres off section 12, Sylvan. $350. Parties having claims againat the county to be audited and allowed at the coming sesaion of the Board of Supervisors, to sommence on Monday, Ootober 8, should make a note of the fact that the íollowiug proviso was enaoted by the Legislature at the last session, and is now a part of clause seventeen of section 477 of the compiled laws : " Provided, however, that the Board of Supervisors shall in no case audit or allow any bill, claim, or charge against the people or the county, which shall not have been filed with the County Clerk of said county on or before the third day of any regular meeting of said board, or on or before the firat day of the adjourued or or other meeting, as the case may be, except bilis or claims which shall have been contracted by said board daring the Bession thereof, and for mileage and per dien of the membtrs of said board; and the County Clerk shall keep a book in which he shall enter all claims in the order in which they are presented, giving the name of the claimaut, the amount of the claim, and the date when presented, which book shall, after the time prescribed for the presentation ot claims, be placed in the hands of the chairman for the use of the Board: And provided further, That at the üctober session, the board may, by a vote of two-thirds of all the members elected, receive and allow accounts which have wholly accrued duriug the session." A neglect to comply strictly and to the letter with this provisión will rule out the bill oi any offioer, merchant, m échame, or laborer. The School Boabd.- The School Board held its tiist meeting lor the new year on ThurBday evoning of last week at the usual place,- the office of Bach and Abel, - and orgauized for the work of the year aa followa : Presideut - Wm. D. Harriman. Secretiry- James B. Gott. Treaauror- Leouhard Gruner. The iollowing committees were also appointed : ün Teachers, Schools, and Text-Booka- W. D. Iluminan, Jamea B. Gott, and Uhristiu.ii Mack. Ou Buildings, Grounds, Furniture and Improvemeuts- Leonhard Gruner, Lawis U. Riadon, and Alon.o A. Gregory. On Finance, Accounts, Claims, and Fuel- Philip Jiach, Futrick Donovan, and Israel Hall. - Mr. Bach has held the office of Treasurer eighteen years, has received no salary for services, has collocted the tuition, paid the orders, negotiated loans, and cnarged no interest on advances : and his accounts have alwaya been found on annual settlements correct to a cent.