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Tice presB of Chicago is a unit in advooacy of a national-savings system. Shepping dresséd meats in refrigerator cars to Easteru cities i to be atteniptcd by prominent cattlc meu in Nevada, as business is not remunerativo in San Francisco. There were thirty-nme failures in the city of New York during August, a grêater nuniber than in any previous mouth of the year. The total liabilities were 2, 295, 557; assots, $920,514. An oxhibition of hops, and of tools and implements used in the cultivation of hops, to which all nations are iuvited to contribute, will be held in NnremImrg, Biivariii, from the 7th to the 15th of Octobex. The cotton-manufacturing interest in Great Britain is suffering a reverse; stocks are accumulating, and there is a contest witli operatives on the question of wages, from both which causes miuiy milis are closing. Manufactuheks atFall Ei ver continue to pile iip print-cloths, and will do so until their present stocks of cotton are run ont, when, if there is no improvement in pi-ices, a genera] stoppagë for a few weeks will probably be resorted to. The demand from the West and South has improved a little of late. The New York Ilerald, in an editorial resume of the prospecta of business for the autuniu, attributea the greater confidence in the future exhibited by all classes of business men in part to üie crops and in part to the expectation that the currency question is soou to be settled. New York, it says, is beginniug to be thronged witli purchasers from the interior. Xotes of the manufacturiug flrm of A. & W. Sprague, to the amouut of L75,000, were reoently sold by auction at the Providence (R.I.) Board of Trade. The terms of the sale were that the notes ishould be sold in lots of #25,000 each, with privilege of the whole. The bidilmg was somewhat lively, and the paper was fimilly eold at 21i cents on a dollar, the purchaser taking the entire lot. Ocr foreign business for tke seven months to the lst of Angiint shows an increasé in feotli ' exporte and importa, hut greater in imporfs, having so far this yeár o smal] uxöèsa of importe. This íh on merchaaaÍBa and rfroclnoe, however; ou specie, we have made a net export of only $25,000,000, a gain as, compared with last year of over $11,000,000, and Khowing tliat we must have kept ut least $25y00O,ÖÖÖ of our gold aixl silver production this uiir. The total amount of the tnmKaelions with foreign cóuntries for 'the iirst seveu montlis of 1H77 is $S30,Ö07,557. :i correspoiiffiBg period in 1876 it wa sf(i:-M,19(),:n!), au increase for this year, so far, of $15,811,2:iH, or 7.2 j)er cent. Tjih United States is ngain beginning to draw specie from Kngland, somewliat to the alarm of financia) ircles over there, and the Bank of England has ntised its rate of discount to 3 per cent. in order to counteract if possible this outflow of gold. In explanation of tlie situation on tliatside, theLondon Timet says: "The Black sea is praetieally closed, and we have, therefore, every reason to expect tliat we must not only take a very mueh largor quantity of grain from the United States than lias been roquired in former years, but that we must pay nmch liigher prices for it. This being the case, the bank has no other coursc open but to place iteolf in a strong defensivo pOBition in good time. If tlio bad weather in this country continúes, the position can casily becomeseriousfortlie Bunkof Enghind, for the export of gold in that case, lookiug attlie comparatively small general impovts of the United States from Europe, soon runs into many millions sterling." Shop, Mil! and Labor Notes. Tu e recent railroad strike cost the State of Illinois about $200,000. Taxatiox and amoke and bad odor nuisances are driving many lieavy mnnufacturing concerns out of the large cities into country localities. The Waumbek Lumber Company, of Bethlchem, N. H., one of the largeet lumbor eompanies of New England, has gone into voluntary baukruptcy. The Pennsylvania Coal Company has elosed itw works eind put cverything in order for a suspension as long or us short as the miners chooso to make it. Tjie orders on hand in locomotive shops throughout the country show that life in the railroad department of the industries is more than beyond the minimum scale. A colony of about 150 families bas left Indianapolis for Mississippi, in hope of bettering their comliüon. founded on promiscB of work on farms and other kiads oí labor. The Providence ToolOompany, having re-eutaljtished Batlsitwtory fiiipoial rangements with the Turkish Government, has resuraed work, with 1,300 men employee! on full timo. Tiie lamp chimney blowers at Wheeliug and Pittsburgh are on a strike, tbe latter demanding that pioduction shall be increased to offset the economy effected by a machine newly introdueed. Ohio labor statistics show tliat thcre are employed in the State 39C.2G7 persons in agricnltnre, against 77,090 in trades and transportation, -179,394 in manufacturen and mining, and 104,018 in personal and professional occupations. The unemploycd persons in the State are rejiorted at 219,219. Donahüe's new paper, the Striket, advocates the immediato stoppago oí' contraction, redomption of all the United States bonds by new issues of greenbaoks, the abolition of uational banks, and the seizure and management of all railroads, telegraphs, express offices, banks nud saviugs banks by the Government. Harvest Glcanlngu. TrtE army worm has nppcared in largo nnmbers in sections of Tennessee and Arkansas. It is a Southern estímate that Georgia's driod pe.aches this year will be worth $1,500,000. Tuk cotton-crop reporta from Texas and lÜHsisBippi describo a good deal of damage by womis, and some by droHght, causing the squares to slied. Pronj Georgia roports are more favorable. Tnií Oalonttii correspondent of the London Times snnw np the prospect ol the autiimn crops in ludia in this way: Hopcless in Sonthern India, mot critical in Western, Central, and Northorn India, and fairly good in Eastern India. The prospecta of tbc Frencli whcat harvest in 2 deiiartments are very good ; in 16 good ; in 2 pretty good ; iu 32 poor ; and in 9 bad. The prospoots of the oat erop are very good in l departments ; good in 27 ; protty good ie 28 ; poor in 21 ; and bad in 2. Tho rye proapeet very ood in 4 departnionts ; good in 10; protty good in 15 ; poor in 32 ; and very bad in 11. The erops are tnxiung out Têtfer in Dakota Territory this year Uian was eter knowii boforo. The gríisslíoppers lfave done no damage to speak of. The small gj.-üin is all harvested and most!y thrashed, and the corn is nearly all ripe, so that no damage can be done now. VegetablPM of all kinds are abundant, and of the llrst qnality. Potatoes re plenty, and of the ehoicest kind.


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