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Lovi Schofiold encapcd trom prigon at Jackson on Septembar 15, while working outside. Howas sent for three years froui Jacksou a year and a half ago sor horse-stealing. Ho is not inoro than half-witted, and has passod most of the timo in the asylum. Tho auiount of Balt niado in tho Stato during tho month of August, aceording to the State salt inspoctor's return, was 193,280 barrels,against 183,897 barrels for the gaine time last year. The amount manufactured this season to date is orer 100,000 barrels in excoss of last season, the shipmeuts aggregatiug over 800,000 barrels, the larger portiou of whioh weut to Chicago. Who is he ? Tho Grand Rapids Post says : " In one of the larger colloges in this State, recently, a professor publicly thanked Gud that Huxley, Tyndall, Darwin and other scientists, were not nativos of America." Clinton county has two pensioners of the War of 1812; Charles ürant, of Baugal township, and William Dietz, of Wacousta. Messrs. Gerrish & Hazelton, proprietors of the Lake Georga and Muskegon River Railroad, in Clare county, have completed operations for this soason, haviug banked 29,000,000 feet. They are now rcpairing and exteuding tho road two and ono half miles, in order to reach a large tract of valuablo pine in town 195. The road will commenco opeiatious again October 1. At Jackson, Soptenibor 15, the following persons were sontenced in the Circuit Court by Judge Huntington : J. H. Mason, Larceny, six months ; Thomas Tulsan, burglary, eighteon inonths ; Dewitt Bush and James Iioach, larceny, two years each. All the above go to the State Prison, and Walter S. Beckwith, larceny, two years in the State Houso of Corroction at Ionia. The Bay Circuit has got rid of four hard pets. LoPoint, arson, is tioketed for three years; McDonald, burglary, and Webb, larceny, oach one year , and John Peck, keeping a house of ill-faine, three months iu the Heuse of Corroction. Bay City has a six months old baby, which is not ot all singular, tho singular feature being that the niother is not yet fourteen years old. The Michican Southern Railroad company has provided for the $2,682,000 oi' its bonds falling due on November 1. Af ter setting aside $250,000 of tho maturing bonds for tho yoar's siuking fund on the first Consolidated mortgage, the oompany has sold suflicient of its first cousols to meet the reinainder, which requires $2,300,000. At Bay City on Sunday night a doublé house ownud by Joseph Javlisky aud Thomaa Loch, burned ; loss, $2,000. About 200 men aro actively at work on the extonsion of the Detroit, Lansing aud Northorn Brauoh Railroad, north of Stanton. It is to bo completed and in running order to McBride's milis, four miles south of Cedar Lake and upward of five miles north o Stanton, Octobor 1, Bears are reportod to be numerous i Gratiot County, and uncomfortably fa miliar, carrying off hogs and doin other mischief. Tho White Pigeon Woolen mili i now being run day and uight in th manufocture of stocking yarn, fo which a roady markot is found at pay ing rates. R. W. Bellamy fc Co., of Horsey, late ly sold 450,000 toet of maple at an aver ago price of $10, and 100,000 feet of ash and cherry at $18 por thonsand,. Thei last shipmont contains some of tho fin est timber of tho kind ever cut in tha sootion. The Albion nouse barn at Port Hu ron was destroyed about 1:30 o'clock on September 15 with contenta, consisting of buggies, wagons, farming utensils and two houses. A suiall house adjoiniug, owned by James Goulden, was also destroyed. The barn was undoubtedly set on fire, as the doors were found open when the fire was discovered. The loss will amount on both buildings aud animáis to nearly $2,500. The mania seoms to bo to destroy barns instead of houses, and the work is evidently that of trampa. The Bay City Tribune of September 15 contains the folïowing : Yestorday we chronicled the shipment of of nearly 8,000,000 feet of lumber from this port, on Weduesday, but we find, on calculation, that we were too modest by about a couplo of million feet. Tho propeller Inter-Ocean's tow and three or four other craft took out cargoes of lumber on through clearances, no record of which, of courso, was made at tho Custom-house. In talking with 8everal captains who are well-postod as to the carrying capaoity of tho craft above alluded to, they stated that 2,000,000 foot would be a low estimato of the aggregate of their cargoes. Thus we have 10,000,0000 feet of lumber shipped from the port of Bay City within tho brief space of six hours ! Can any port on tho chain of lakes show a better record for tho same nuraber of hours at any period in its history ? Cajculating the lumber at $10 per 1,000 feet, which is a low average ostimate, we find that the aggregate value of the 10,0000,000 feot shippod was $1,0000,000, no account boing taken of the shingles, lath, staves, hoops, salt etc... taken out at the same time.


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