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A Lansing photographer has put up a baby show on his patrons. $15 are offered for the best looking baby : photographs of his taking to be examinad by the committee instead of the origináis. Lapeer votes on October 1, on a proposition to borrow $15,000 to build water works. The Markets.- The following were tho pnces paid for produce by our local dealers yesterday afternoon : Por Wheat, tl.2oal.3o ior Corn, 30o ; for Oats, 30c ; for Hay, ÏSalO ; for Potatoes, 35c; for Butter, 20c; for Lard, 103 ; for E;?gs, 14c ; for Honey, 20c ; for Cabbage, per dozen, 50c ; for Peaches, 60c per basket. Flour retails at $3 50 per huudred. U rapes. All porsons desiríng flne grapes can be 3upplied, by lei.ving orders at 88 Broadway (Lower Town), or by addressing Wil. TKLL DE BAUN, Ann Arbor Postofflce. Ili53w2 The afflicted should not lose sight of the intended visit of the Surgeons of the National Surgica Institute to Ann Arbor on the löth and 16th of Oct., at the Grcgory House. This is an old Instilution, altogether reliable and responsible, and its surgeons eminently skillfal and qualified to perforra wonderful cures of diseases and deformities of long standing, and which are incurable in the hands of the general physieian or surgeon. They need no special reeommendation froin us - their work shows for ítself - as witness the happy results of thcir treatment upon persons in this vicinity during the past few years. Instruction on the i.uittir. Miss Mary Louise Pond will give lessons on the Guitar. For terms inquire at 51 South State street. BIoiv it is Done. The tirst object in life with the American people is to " get rich ; " the second how to regain good health. The first can be obtained by energy, honesty and saving ; the second (good health), by using Green's August Flower. Should you be a despoudent sufferer frora any of the effectsof Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, Indigestión, &ö., such as Bick Headache, Talpitation oftheHeart, Sour Storaach, Habitual Costiveness, Low Spirits, &c, you need not suffer another dsy. Two doses of August Flowkr will relieve you at once. Sample Bottles 10 cents. Regular sizc75 cents. Poxltively sold by all first-chuss Druggists in the U. S. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS OPERA HOUSE, MONDAY EVEXtNtt SEPT. 24. Grandest production of the modern stage ! Lord Byron's great romantic play SARDANAPALÜS ! NEW SCENERY ! 8TARTLING EFFEOTS ! NEW COSTUMES ! GRAND BALLET ! In procuring the great danseuse, MLLE DE ROSA., MLLË LATOURNELK, And a full Corpa de Ballet. POWERFUL DRAMATIC COiMPANY ! The whole produced under the immediate directton ol JARRETT and PAL.MER, oí Booth' Theatei, Now York. Sale of seats will commence to-day. Parquet tu, $1.60; Parquette Cirole, 75o ; Drtïss Circle, 60o. NATIONAL SUEGIOAL TUTE. EXTRAOKDINARY OPPOKTÜNITY FOB THE DI3EASED AND DEFOUMED. Two or more of the surgeons of the National Surgical Instituto of Indianapolia, Indiana, with its three great divisiona at Philadelpha, Athmta, and San Francisco, will rnnke a professional vieit to Ann Arboron the 15th and IGth of Octobor, '77, at the Gregory House. As this is the only visit which they will likely be able to mnke away i'rom the In&titute, the opportunity here ofíered tbr sooing and consulting ttiein without a viait to tho Instituto shoald not be neglected. This visit íb designated for the accomraodation and benetit of their old patients and all such new ones as desire treatment of the Instituto, yet are unable to afford tho expense and time consequent upon the long journey to Indianopahs, They will come fully prepared to truat all cases of Club Feet Spinal Disease, Hii Disease, DÏ8ea3es of the Joints, Chronic Diseases. Female diseases, Diaeases of the Kye and Lart Paralysis, Piles, Fistula, Catarrh and Prívate Diseases, which are curable or can be benefltted, No case will be taken under treatment unless with a fair prospect of rocovery. All the afliicted are invited. ConsulCatlon Fro. 1652 ,


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