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A Remarkable Petrification

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Judge E. C. Bronaugh bas attachec to his watch chain n little amulet o charm, which, aside from its peculiar history, is vcry pretty iu itself. It i notbing in jre or lees than a petrifiec rosebud. During the rebellion, a young nephew of Jndge Bronaugb, while in one of the Southern States, wrote home to his mother, and inclosed in the lette a rosebud. The letter arrized safely a its destination, and, after having béei perused, was laid aside with the rosebui in a drawer, where it remainod for eigh or nine months. Wlien the drawer was overhauled and the letter again brough to light, the rosebud it contained was found tó bc petriöed. ïlie Judge's aun recently sent the stono to bim at this place, and he placed it in the hands of a jeweler for the purpose of having it fitted to oarry on his watch chain. The petrification was so very hard that while trying to drill a hole in it two or three tools were broken bofore the object was accomplished. It is a perfect rosebud and so well preserved that the fines fibers can be seen. What peculi.irities of air, earth, or water could have clianged tho tendor rosebud into a hard almost diamond-like substance in the short spaco of nine mouths is to us a mystery.- Portland Oregonian. A Ithioa man 'nan invented au eighteeniluy wtitoh,


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