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Poetry: Lines

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Suggcsted hy a visif lo the city of inglon, in thc VZth monli of 1845. ' VViittcn for ilie lhilndeli1in Ci'izen. by J. G. Whittikh. Witli coUl nnd wíotry nioon liglit i (n hh mof anil fltecplcb' alirt!, SImJowb wuving witli liic (-un liglit From i!ic grny sky overhead, Btondly, vaguely, all nround ido, lies (lio ' built u ii autsproad. Through iliibronil street rcsilcss ever, l'.blis and ílows a humnn tide, Wayfl on wave, a human rivor - Wcíilih nnd fashion side by side; Toilcr, idler, slnvc ;ind mas'.er, iu tlic saine quitk curren ( glido. Uiidcvnenili yon dame, whoso copiílg Spreuds above thufñ, vasi nnd tnll, Gr.ive nicn in tlic ilost aro 'gfOiing For ihe largcs, b;isc nnd mtiiI!, Whicli tlie hn'nd of pemer is seatteriní:. crun.b Vyjiich íioni He tab!e l';dl. JJase of licart! Tlrcy slowly baríor JIoikt's wenhli for pirty's plicc: Slop by iep oo Fiücdoiii's cliarier Leavinu foolpiirua of disfrace; For iu day's p"r pittance, turniu from ihe greai hopc of tlieir race. Yet wlicn fcntnl l.imps are ihrowing Glory round the duncor'f liair, Cíold dressed, liku nn angcl's, fluwing Backwnrd un thñsnnset air: And thc !(iw quick pulse of musió beats its meosurea swcct and rnre, Thcre lo-nigbt sliall womnn's glanecs, Star-like weícorhe give to tliom, Fawning fools, wiUi shy advane, Scék to' totrch' thcir gflrnicnt's hem. With the tongne of futrcry. lozing dueds which God and 'frúth condeinn. t'ibiñ this glittering lie iny visión "faltes a broader. sadder range, FmTbcTord me havó nViscn' Otlier picturos dark and strange. Kioni the p;irlor to the priüon musí ti.e sceno nnd witncss change.Hark! the heavy gato is swinging On it hinged, liiirsh and sloW; One pale prïsoii-lamp is flinging On a fenrful group bclojv, Such o sight ns leaves tu' terror WhuUoo'er il doce r.ot show. í'iiyinitGod-!- Is thnt avi-MN On wliosc Vris(3'tlic sliackles claoli? l'atlin: sluick slie mturs; Ürd.riieaih the v.inaiug lafclH Aic ihcy ViK whoso cyes oi mndness ironi tha! Kd'pt'Qcdseibi) Hish?' Siiïï the dance goes gaily onwordj Whbt s it lo JVcailh apd l'riHe, That without. iho'staVö aro loóking On ;i scène wliieli canh slioulïl hule? Tliíit the slavc-whip' lies in watiing. rocking on Potoniac's lide! Moanwhile, turning fïoin the rövcl To the puson-ceH' mj aight. For intenser hate ol evil For a keencr sensc of right', Shakingoir thy (lust, l thank thee, City of the Slavièa lo-iiight! "To thy duty now nnl ever, Drcam no more uf rest o stay; Givoto Freetlom's gront endcavor All thou art and luist lu-dny." Thu?, above the city's murniur, saitfa a Voifcè, ur teems to s:iy. Bc it ro. It ehull not swerve ns Krom u purpose truc aridbrav; Dearer Frceilom's rugged service Than tho paatimc of the slavc; Dettcr in otorm above it. than the quict ol fhc gravo.ï,et U8 ihcn, imiüiiL. kury, All our idle feud 11 lust. And to future confliets carry Mutual fnith and comnion tniat: Ahvnyaho wlio most forgiveih in bè biothei íb most just. Oh, my broihor! oh, my sisters! WduIü to God iliat yc ware near, Gazing wiih jiio down the visins Ot a sorrow strangc and dro;n, Would to God ihatye wcro hstcning to tlie voicc I scom to licar. Know wc not onr dead are loo'king Downward with a snd surprise, All our Btrife ot word rubuking With thcir mild nnJ loving eycs? Shall wc grieve tho holy airgüls? Shall we cloiïd thcir blesaed ekies? Let ua draw thcir manlies o'cr U8, Which have fallen in out way; Let us do the work buforc us Cheerly. bravely, while we may, k'.re tho long night-sitencc conicth, and witb Ui it is not duy.