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- A crazy darkey, f rom Ypsilanti, made a raid on our town last Friday eveuing. He was lodged in the lockup, but when released Saturday morning he entered one of the houses and frightened the ladios by his conduct, so he had to be taken back tothe lockup, and was taken to the oounty poorhouse Sunday morning. Cause of his insanity : spiritualism. On this evening (Friday Deo. 11,) Miss H. E. Haskius, a distinguished elocutionist from Boston, wilt read in the Sabbath School room of the Congregational Church, tor the beneSt of the Ladies' Library. Miss Haskins comes with very high testimoniáis from H. W. Longfellow, J. G. Whittier, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and many other gentlemen of culture. The Detroit Free Press says of her : " Miss Haskins is an elocutionist of exceptional talent. As a rule lady elocutionists are a delusion and a snare, but Miss H. is both a reader and a deliueator, to compare whom with Cushman and Komble is neither extravagant nor audacious. She has a voice of remarkable resonance and compass, her modulations are the perfection of elocutionary skill, and she has dramatic powers of a high order." The entertainment this evening will be varied with vocal and instrumental rauaic, and it is hoped a large number will be present. Admission, fifty cents. Iteading will com menee at eight o'clock. We are wanting money to pay our Taxes, buy our Winter's supply of Wood, and ineet iirsl of January bilis. Will not our sulwcrlbers and other patrón help lis iiow ?


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