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A Madman's Freaks

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Williani Cushman, i passenger on the fast lino west over the Pennsylvania road, became derangod on the cars, and as the traiu was passing Carney's station, forty miles east of Pittsburgh, he ran out on the platform and made a desperate leap i'rom the train, whicl was running at the rate of forty mile an hour. The madnian escaped with a fpw slight bruises, and, when the con ductor stopped the train, was not to be found. After the train pulled out h made his way to the signal-station, nea Caruey's, irom which he sent a telegran to the Superintendent, saying he hac jumped from the train to escape a part; of men aboard xtho wanted to shoo him. The telegraph operator did what he could to quict the man, butin a short time he beeame very violent, and, drawing a revolver, forccd the operator to vacate. The latter notifled the fireman, who ordercd out his force and attempted to oopture the insano man. The latter, however, held possession, threatening to shoot the first one that eutered uutil daylight, wheu he set firo to the signaltower and was forced to jump from the window to escape the flames. He was mstantly captured.


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