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The contiuuance of the navigation of Lako Michigan ia making business lively on tho Flint & Pere Marquette Ruilway, as on au avoraga 36,000 buBhels oí Wisconsin grain is beiug received daily at Ludington and shipped eastward over the rond. The Supervisors of Cass County have selected the site and adopted the plans for a $20,000 jail, to be coinploted and ready for use by December lst, 1878. The will of the late Win. Waldron, of Hillsdale, disposes of $200,000 worth of property, of which $50,000 and bis real estáte go to bis widow. The liabilitifs of the collapsed firm of the Rodinan Bros., of Grand Rapids, are statt-d to be $30,000 and the assets $22,000. Williuin Taylor, a well-to-do farmer living iu Greenwood townsbip, Clare County, comniitted suicido Friday afternoon, Deo. 28th, by shooting hiuiself in the head. The cause is attributed to domestic iufelioity, his wifu having recently coramenced proceedings to obtaiu a divorce. The dweiling houso of Mrs. M. J. Littli, at Flint, was buroed on the night of Deo. 28th. Cause of fire, a defective chimney. Loss, $1,500 ; insured for $800 on the building, aud $500 on tVie furniture. The Fifth Anuual Convention of tne Superintendents of thePoor will be held at Grand Rapids, January 8, 9, aud 10. The Oukland County Treasurer's annual report of the liquor tax in the county gives the amount as collected to date $7,151.59 ; tobe collected and for which wurrants have been issued, $205.17. Mr. G. C. Westphal, townsbip treasurer of Brighton, was waylaid Thursday night, Dec. 27, on his way froui a public meeting to his residence in tho village of Brighton, and robbed of $4;93. It was at a late hour wheu the robbers uttiickod hiin. One grasped him around the nec.k and threw ashea in his eyes, and at the same time another held his arms, and a third took the pocket book containing the money from au inside pocket. At Kast Saginaw on Doe. 31, Michael Ulrich, convicted of assault with intent to commit rape, was sontenced to the Stato House of Correetion at Ionia, for ten yeara ; and J. ü'Brien, for robbery, to the samo institation for two years. Tho Controller drew nis warrant on the contingent iund Saturday for $4,G10.60 in favor of Janet C. Hmith, who recently recovered a warrant against the city for damageg suatained by falling through a hole in the sidewalk on Catherine stroet. - Post and Tribune. Tho liquor tai collected in Barry Oounty is 11858.36. The bill-postera are to hold a State Convention at Lansing, January 9. John Mahan, an old iesident of Jackson, dropped dead while eating hia ChrÍ8tuias dinner. One of the New Year's noveltiesin Detroit was a gteamboat cxoursion to !St. Clair Flats, with a band of inusio and a dance.


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