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OUB CLUB LIST. We invite the attention of subscribers and nonaubscribers to the Argus to the following rates at which the Argus is clubbed with other papers and periodicals, both subscriptions payable in ad vanee AitGUSand Harper's Montbly, - - $4.75 Argus and Harper's Weekly, - - 4.75 AitGUS aud Harper's Bazar, - - 4.75 Akgus and Atlantic Monthly, - - 4.75 Argus and Scribner's Monthly, - - 4,70 Aiiousand Eclectïc Magaziae, - - 5.60 AiiGUS and St. Nicholas, - - - 4.00 Argus and Godey's Lady's Book, - 3.75 Argus and The Nuraery, . . . 2.6O Argus and Detroit Weekly Free Pross, - 2.75 Argus and American Agriculturist, - 2.6O Abgus and North American Review, - 5.25 Other periodicals and papers will be added to the list. But oue paper or periódica! ' clubbed" with eaeh Argus subscription, and the subscription for tbe Aegus must be paid for the year in advanee " Germán Syrup." No other medicine in the world was ever given such a test of íts curative qualities as Boschees' Gkbman Sybup. ín three years two million four hundred tliousa small bottles of this medicine weredistributedrw. f charge by Uruggists lo this couutry to those afliicted with Consuuiption, Asthm:i, Croup, severe Coughs, Pneumonía and other diseases of the throat and lungs, giving the American people uudeniable proof that Germán Syeup, will cure them. The result has been that Druggiats in every town and village in the United States are recommending it to their customers. Go to your Druggiat, Ebehbrch &. Co., and ask wliat they they know about it. Sample bottles 10 cents. Regular size 75 cents. Three doses will relieve any case. We are wanting money to pay our Taxes buy our Winter' supply of Wood, and meet flrst of January bllls. Will not our, subscriber and other patrons help us now ?


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