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No Use Fighting Against Fate

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A noy, about íó yenrs oía, was aturday forenoon dragging a big, sneakishlooking cur along High street to find an owner l'or the canine. Kinging a doorbell he said to the housemaid who answered it : " l've bronght your dog home. " "My dog!" she exclaimed, as she looked down upon the embarrassed dog. "Yes;gimme two shillings nnd I'll tie him up in the back yard." "111 give you a broom-stioking íf yon don't leave!" she screamed as she grabbed for him. He dragged the dog across the street to where a girl was scrubbing the front steps, and, bringing a smile to his face, he s;iid : " Your feller in Chicago sent you this dorg by expresa to put in your Christmas stocking. The charges are 50 cents. Where shall I tie him up ?" " Get out with ye - I'm no greenhorn!" ehe said, as she raised the brush to hit . him. Tlie boy pulled on the rope with both hands and got the reluctant dog half a block farther, when he met a boy carrying homo ten pounds of buckwheat flour. He blocked the way and said : " Buli, yer fati'er told me to bring this dorg np to yonandcollec 30 cents." " I hain't got no farther," answeredthe lad. " Who said you had- I was oaly ] ing. Say, bub, this 'ere is the beautifulest dorg you ever sot eyes on. He kin smg, dance, clean off the snow from the walk, and bring in rabbits from the country. 111 take a quarter for him." ; " I hain't got anomoney," replied the boy. " 111 trade him for a knife." "I havn't got a knife." " Any oldskates?" "No," answered the boy with the flour, as he dodged around the dog and hurried on. The other looked down on the canine with miügleu sadness and indignation. j The dog braced back at an acute angle, his eyes shut and his tail lying on the walk,' waiting for the boy to say: " Oh h - h ! if I knew how I'd blast ye ! I kpt you hid away for a week, anti I've hauled you all over town, and you ain't even a three-cent dog. I've fit late for more'n a month to get some : chink lor Ohristmtts, and here I am, ; dead-broke and no assets but you, you old sole leather colored skulk ! I've got desperate, and I'm going to shed your blood 1" He slackened on the rope to administer a kick, and the dog made a jump and j gained his hberty. He ran off around the corner, and the boy leaned against a tree-box and mused : " There's on)y oneplanltft. I'll take paregoric enough to make me sleep from Monday night to Wednesday morning, anl I won't know nothin' 'bout mas nor


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