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The January Term Of The Supreme

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Court opened on Tuesday with 124 cases on the calendar. Víctor Emmanuel, first king of united Italy, died ou Wednesday afternoon. Prince Humbert succeeds hitu as King Humbort I. The Post and Tribune now daily throws a bloody-shirt flag to the breeze, inscribed, " Butcher Butler." Suine journalists do fatten on carrion and " eich." Geoeoe C. Bates and ex-Congreasnian Burrows are rival candidat(!8 for the Utah District Attorneyship, just re igned by Sumner Howard. Betwoon the two, we'll bet on the " Columbiai Orator " of the " big village." The Republicans are in a " peck o trouble " because Senator Patterson, oi South Carolina, isgoing homo (to Pennsylvania)without pairing with any Dem ocrat. If the Democrats have purchasec Patterson why should they be expected to lose two votes by his absence? Chandler the lesser CBilly) insists that Florida voted for Hayes as honestly as Massachusettg : which being so why does he raise such a breeze just because he was not givon a place in the Cabine or that berth at Madrid. Billy - according to his own logic - didn't base his claims on good grounds. Mrs. Angélica V.ín Buren (nee Singleton), widow of the late Col Van Buren, and for three years mistress of ceremonies at the White House - President Van Buren being then a widower - died Dec. 29, aged nearly 61 years. She was one of tho brilliani women of her day. In TUIS brief paragruph the Republicana find another serious cause ol grievance against President Hayes : " The Democrats carried Shreveport, La., at a special eleotion for a member of the Legislature, by 360 majority. Democratie advices state that tho negroes generally votei the Deiuocratio ticket." And all because Hiyes withdrew the moral support of tho troops from Packard ! Orthodox or heterodox on other subjects, Col. Ingersoll is sound on the marriago question. In his lecture on Tuesday evening he spoke of the family as the unit of society, and heaped contempt upou tho hoads of those " longhaired men and short-haired womon ' who wear the marriage yoko as loosely as an old shoe. To gaiu and keep the love of one woman he thoughtevidence of the highest success, and vice versa. Ha VINO heard Bob Ingersoll s lecturenot a political one - we incline to the opinión that he don't reverence the 8 by 7 decisión of the Electoral Cotumission any more than he does the old fashioned John Calvin or Jonathan Edwards sort of orthodoxy, and that he believes in " in y southern policy " and in " civil service reform " about as he does in the Mosaic history of creation. Bob was a Blaiue man. For the inforinalion and encourageniHiit of our silver reuionetizing readers we have given considerable space for several weeks to a correspondent to discuss the questions historically and tinaneially. It is scarcely neeessary for us to say that he has not succeeded in converting us to the doctrine of a doublé or triple money measure or stand ard of values : a doctrine we still hold to be financially demoralizing and pernicious. In a recent article on "an Uncivilized Proposal," to-wit : " to lighten the tax on whisky and tobáceo and restore the once abolished incoina tax," the Detroit PoU and 2'í;unintentionally strikes a severe blow at thoso protectionists who have always olaimed that the tariff on imported goods was a tax upou the foreign manufacturar instead of the American consumer. lt says : " It is true that sonie of tho Southern and Western States pay into the United States Treamry (itálica are our coternporaries) the larger portion of the tax on whisky and tobáceo, but they reimburse theinselves out of the consumera of those articles in all parts of the Union. The Californian who drinks Bourbon county whisky, and the Maino Yankee who chews and smokes Virgiuin tobáceo, each pays his share of tho tax on those articles when he buys his bottle ot whisky or his paper of tobáceo." Correct. And don't the importer put the tariff upon his fabrics, with a profit on the same as on the original oost, and charge it to the wholosaler and he to the retailer ? Don't the consumer puy this tax, - a tax but a small portiou of which goes to tho government ? Ringing words : these from the recont annuul message of Gov. Robinson, of New Yoik : "Even now niillions of votera smart at the convictiou that they have been defrauded of their choice in a national olection, and robbed of the right of suffrage gu&ranteod them by the Constitution and the laws. They beliove that the Presideney of the republio is held by one not elected to that office and without moral title to its powers and its honors. This belief is 8hared by a majority of the people. They yiold obedieuce to au Executive of fact but not of right, that they may save the land from anarchy. They none tho less charge this great crime upon those high officials by whoso conspiracy against the law it was made possible. That these their servauts should have cortified falsehood to be the truth gives them deep sense of wrong. They know that their defianco of the people's will.if it be mde a precedent, will bring our government to a swift and curtain end." Cilmer and yot more pregnant trutUs have not been utterud, and well will it be for tho country if politicians heed the Boleuiu wrning tbey contaiu. Suoh frouds as made Hayes President cannot be repeated with safety either to the perpetrators or the nation. As Hayes ia the first he must be the last fraudulent President. Copying au article frora tho l'hiladelphia Narth American in favor of a new "Cabinet Minister" and tbe " creation of a department of commeroe," tbe Allegan Journal says : " We are deoidedly in favor of tho creation of tuis udw departnient. It has long been required. It is almost impossible to get any statistical inibrmation fresh and oí any valne of the interior departnient as at present constituted under the charge of the present philosophical, visionary, and red-tape stickler who now engineera that department, we mean Cari Schurz, who is entirely uniit for the position whtch he occupies. Give hiui rather a new departnient, that of the exterior." Fie ! Bro. Don, and you a caudidate for the chairiuanship of the Kepublinan State Couiuiittee, - a position presuined to require just a little intelligeuce as tonational governinental affairs, What bas Seeretary Schurz to do with the commercial affnirs of tho nation 'i We had supposed that our foreign commercial relations were in chai ge of the department of State, and that our ariny of custom-house officers, revenue collectors, etc, owe allegiance to the Seeretary of the Treasury. The Secretary of the Interior, according to the " Congressional Directory," is " charged with tbe supervisión oí public business relative to patents for inveutions ; pensions and bounty lands ; the public lands, inolurting mines; the Indiana ; educatiou ; the oensus, when directed by law ; the custody and distribution of public documents ; and certain hospital and eleemosynary institutions in the District of Columbia. He also exercises certain powers and duties in relation to the Turritories of the United States." Nothing there about "commerce." Either the new department is misuamud or the Journal bits the wrong head. Speaking of the rosignatiou of Mr. Bingham as chairman of tho Eupublican State Central Committee, and of the active canvass for his oast off garments, the Lunsing HepubHean auggesta that the committee, acting"under the diotates of propriety and all past usage, wiil uot elect a permanent chairman, but refer that question to the next Stute Convention." As the Ufe of the cotnmittee (as constituted) does not extend beyond that next convention, it is to be presumed that an appoiuted cbairman will bo equally short-lived or "teuipurury."


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