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- T,he anuual electioii of the Congregational ühurch is to take place next Monday evening. - By request of raany citizeus Rev. Father Van Erp will repeat his lecture on " Rome," at St. Thomas' Churcb, on Suuday evening, January 20. -On Monday evening Wra. Noble and Dr. P. B. Rose were re-elected trustees of the M. E. ühurch, and E. J. Knowlton was electeii to succeed W. W. Whedon. -At the annual electioii of the Baptist Chuvch on Monday eveuing last, Prof. Olney J. B. Cady, and J. Ross were elected trustees to succeed A. Ten Brook, J. R. Sage, an Philip Bach. H. Hurd was re-elected. Prof Beman was electad secretary, and Prof Olney treasurer. - D. B. Webster aud Charles G. Clark were elected trustees oi the Presbyterian Church on Monday last. -Prof. Voluey M. Spaulding has been elected superintendent ot the Baptist Sunday School ; aud J. O. Banks, Esq., has taken the superinteudency of the U. E. Sunday School in the Fifth ward. - The library of St. Thomas' Church has a new librarían - Michael Condón, who succeeds Chas. T. Tinmiplixr -On Weánesday evening next, January 16, ■ there will be an oral and mate service oombined m St. Andrew's Church. Rev. Mr. Hall, 1 rector, will read the service, and the Rev. Thomas Gallaudet, D. D., of N. Y. City, one ' of the best known deaf-mute instructors, I assisted by Rev. Austin W. Mann, a gradúate 1 of the State iuatitution at Fliut, will repeat 1 ït in the deaf mate language. It is uuderstood that a nuraber of deaf-mutes will be present. - A " uew departure " is annouuced at the IJnitarian Church. After each Sunday evening lecture of Rev. J. H. Allen, opportunity will be given any meraber of the congregation to ask questions pertinent to the subject of the evemng, which will be then and there anawered. This exercise is reported as having exeited considerable interest last Sunday evening. Subject next Sunday evening: "Oeneral Objections to ürthodoxy." The moruing Bible class will be suspended for the present. The W. M. F. Ins. Co.- The annual meeting of the Washtenaw Mutual Fire Insurance Company was held at Firemen's Hall in this city on Wedneeday, and was largely attended, the hall in fact being too small to accommodate the members present. The annual report was read, the figures of which- so far as the receipts and expenses of the year are concerned- did not essentially differ from a ment published in our local columns some weeks ago. The proposed charter amendmeut, providiug for extending the lightning clause 30 as to lusure stock not in the barn, and also the resotion repealing the by-law prohibitiug the use of steam-threshiug machines, were discussed at length and with considerable feeling and spirit, and both lost. Couaervatism ruled the day. The followmg directors were re-elected : Allen Crittenden, H. M. Mowry, E. A. Nordman, John J. Robison, and Newton Sheldon. The board met after the adjournment of the aunual meeting and organized by re-electing the old officers : President, Allen Crittenden ; Secretary and Treasurer, Newton Sheldon. ffm


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