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A Millionaire's Miseries

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Jay Goukl is avcry reoluse in his linbits, being evidently afraid of violence. Oue reason for this is the self-consciousness of having ruinod more meii tlian any otber stock blower. He was assaulted last summer by Selover (one of his victims), who, hnd it not been for fear of tlie law, would liavc shot him. Being prevented from this, he pitched him down an área and left hün to crawl out as best he eonld. The fact that Gonld's f ormer confedérate, "Jim Fisk, ' ' was murdered by one of his victims shows the former what desperate men may do, and must impress him with a apuso of his own danger. Gould is in ill-health, and, tliough he lias mado an immense fortune, he is unhappy. He knows how easily sueh raoney may be lost. He cannot retire, for that would be greater misery. No, he must remain and fight it out to the last. Then hé knows that he is not safe in the streel, and it is useless to appeal to tho courts of law for protection. Jim Fisk had honght up the courts, but that did not protect him from the ossusein. It is a question how many millions are neceaso ry to mako a man happvin snch a


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