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The Hangman's Work For 1877

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xiie itongmaH a recora ior we püsi year shows tliat 83 nmrderers were hangod in the United States. Of tliis number 47 were white, 34 colored, 1 Indian anti 1 Chinaman; 4 were hanged for indecent assaults, 1 tor burglary, 8 for wife-muxder, 1 for iilicido and 1 for fratricido. There were three doublé executions, one triple, two quadrnple, aud one in which six men were hanged. Not a single woman was hanged; the only one sentenced to death, Mrs. Louisa L.iwsar, of Virginia, had her sentenee conarnutod to imprieonment for life by the Governor. JTriday still mainl.aiiis its reputation in the black list as the favorito day on whieli to enforce the death penalty, more murderers having hanged on tuat day than on all the otüer das of the week conibined. Forkv-seven murderers werc hanged on Friday, 17 on Thitrsday, 8 ou Sattmlay, G on MonJay. 3 on Tuesday and 2 on Wednesilay. There were 5 xeentions in Jiinuury, 5 in February, C in M:irch, G in April, 10 in May, 15 in June, 11 in .Tuly, 1 m AuKKsi, ,5 in September, nono iñ October, 0 in November and 10 in December. Pennsylvama stnnda tirst io the line of States for the greatest mimber of executions dnring the pa,3t year, South Carolina being second. ïlie exeuutions were distributed among twenty-flve States as followa: PounBylvania 16tOMo 2 South Carolina 12New Jeney 1 North Caroiina 6 New Uatupsnire 1 Califoriim fi üelaware 1 MVsnurl 4 Mabama 1 M-iryiaud 4 Keotnoky 1 Georgia i í'exas 1 V.rgtnia 4 Utah 1 New York 3 Dakota 1 Louisiaua 3 Orcon 1 Arkausas 3Wyoming 1 Nevada 8 Tennessee 3 Total 83 MJBSiHBippi '2


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