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Cornelius J. Vanderbilt's Recipe For Bores

Cornelius J. Vanderbilt's Recipe For Bores image
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Mr. Cornelius .T. Vanderbilt rises at times to the hoight of interest aud instrnction 011 bis cross-examination. He did tbis, for instance, when explaining bis habit of borrowing rnoney. Thongh bo did not borrow money wnen be liad n need for it, be oíten used bis need nud bis ability to borrow íor a more justifiable purpose tban tbe simple one of getting tbe whcrewitbal to meet expenses. Ho borrowed to relieve bimself of bores. He entertained liberally, and Bomo men abtrted bis hospitality. Tbey did tbio, unwittingly, at tbeir peril. The íiist tliing they knew tbe host would want to " borrow a little money" of thom. ín tbe particuW case of -whioh witness was speaking, tbo gnest loaned hiin money. ïhat was the last of tho guest and bis money. He wns of so retiring a charneter tbat he never vcnfured to prefer a request for repavment. He hadn't tbe courage to face Cornelius J. after loaning bim fuuus. He ceaeed to li i bore. Tbis is 11 valuable recipe. The world of bored people is indeVited


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