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Entertaining Her Big Sister's Beau

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1 My sister'll be down in a minute, and Baya you'r6 to wait, if you piense, And says I might stay till ehe came, if I'd promlse her never to trape, Nor epeak till you spoke to me first. But that'e noneenBe, for how would you know What ehe told me to say, ir I didu't ? Don't you really and truly tliiuk bo ? ' And then you'd feel strange here alone ! And you wouldn't know just where to sit; For that chair ien't Btrong 011 its legs, and ' we ' never use it a bit. We keep it to match with the sofa. But Jack sayB H would be liko you To flop yourself right down upon it and knock out the very laBt acrew. 11 S'pope you try 1 J. won't telt. You're afraid to ! O I you're afraid they would think it was mean ! Well, then, there's the album - that'B pretty, if you're sure ihat your iingers are clean. Por sister says eoraetmies T daub it ; but she ouly Bays that when Ehe's cros. There's her picture. Youknowit? It'alikeher; bnt 8he ain't aa good looking, of course ! 11 This is m. It'B the best of 'em all. No, teil me, yon'd never have thonght That once I was little as that ? It'e the only one that could be bought- For that was the message to pa f rom tho photograph man whero I sat - That ho wouldn't print off any more lili he ñrst got his money for that. " What ? Maybe you're tired of waiting. Vhy, often Bhe's louger than this. There's all her back hair to do np and all of her front curls to friz. But it's nice to be sitting here talking like grown people, just you and me. Do you think you'll be coming here often ? Oh, do ! But don't come like Torn Lee. "Torn Lee. Her last beau. "Why, my goodness ! He used to be here day and night, Till the folks thought he'd be her husband ; and Jack saya that gave him a fright. You won't run away, then, as he did ? for you're not arïch man, they say. Pa eays you are poor as a churchsmouse. Now, are you? And how poor are they? "Ain't you glad that you met rae? Well, I ara; for I know now your hair isn't red, But what there is left of it's mousy, and not what that nauphty Jack said. But there! I must go. Sister's coming. But I wish I could wait, just to see If Bhe ran up to you and kissed you in the way that she used to kiss Lee.


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