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Take Care Of The Horses

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The Illinois Humane Society, through an appeal issued by their committee, make the following suggestions, which owners of horses wiil serve their own interests by attending to : 1. Shoes. - If horses are sharp shod in icy weather they -wiU pull larger ioads to greater advantage ; it is poor oconomy to neglect the proper shoeing of horses, which may thus be seriously injured. 2. Blankets, etc. - Horses should be protected by blankets or water-proof covers f rom rain or snow, while standing. The cost of a blaiiket is very small, and ite nse would repay the outlay niany times. Any wooltón or other proteotion placed under the pad or saddle, and extending back over the hips, vill be fonnd very useful, as protecting a -weak part of the animal. 3. Clipping. - The clipping of horses at this season is considered to be, at least, imprudent, and by this society inhumane ; owners are respectfully urged to allow the animáis to retain the covering which nature has provided. 4. Check Eeins. - Work horses, if at ali, should be checked very low ; they can thus pull to greater advantage, protect their eyes from rain or snow, and are lees hable to stumble or injure themselves. It will be noticed that the city railway companies liave largelv abandoned the use of check reins. 5. Bits. - It is prudent to warm with the hands, or otherwise, bits before placing them in the horses' mouths.


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