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-It hns beengested by sorao of our warliko brèthren of tho press, thal tho namos of nll thoso oditors who opposo the present war shuuld bo passed round by thcir more patriolic brèthren, through their paperí, as n caution totraitora in alltuture time. A good idea that, but wo duubt if the mos: violent advocates of the wnr are patriotie enough to publish such a list, nfier all, unlcss l is paid for asan udvortisement. If somo of theró will only start the thing, wo wil! agree to correct 'the list wcekly, in gooc prico current style, from all the papers that cotne under our notice. - Chrislian Cilizen.Wo think the Dolroit Free Press strongly counselled thia measure. If thnt paper will comrnonce a list, it shall havo our name to il 11 any nook and corner of t whatever. For our part, 6hould our namo go down to "all future time," ■we should wish it lo bo in full expression of our condemnation of tho present unjust nnd abominable war, and as an advocate of thnt glorious declaralion which hernlded the Savior's birth, and proclaimed the naturo of his mission, eighteen ceDturies ago, through the voicrs of celestial messengers - "Peace on Earth, and Good-Will to Mkn!"ttTThe letter writers from Washing ton insist that the government has de termined on the permanent conquest of a part of Mexico. Such reports, howevcr are not to be readily credited. The cor respondent of the Bultimore American says : "The dismemberment of Mexico is the design of the Administraron, and that no only by the invasión oí' California, but by seizure and possession of the entire coun try beyond the line of Tampico on the Gulf of Mexico, and the same parallel on the This seizure embraces the richest and most valuablo Provinces o Mexico. It includes all of California, from the head to tho cape, and not alone the Provinces bordering on the Rio Grande. - Parts of Jalisco, Guadalaxara, and Zacateces, and all of Sonora, Du rango, San Luis Potosi, New León, Chihuahua, Coahuila and Taniaulipas are to bo the fruits of this conquest."