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Telemachus Vs. Mentor

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Don't raind me, I beg yon, oíd fellow, 1 11 do very well here alone ; Yon must not be kept f rom your "Germán" because I've dropped iu like a stone ; Leave all cercmony behind yon, leave all thought of aughtbut youreelf, And leave, if yon like, the Madeira, and a dozen cigars on the Bhelf. Ab for me, yon will Bay to our hostess- Well, scarcely need give you a cue. Chant my pralse ! All will list to Apollo, though Mercury pipe to a few ; Say just what yon please, my dear boy; there's more eloquence lies in youth 's nsh Outspoken heart-impulse than ever growled nnder this grizzliDg mustache. Go, don the dress-coat of our tyrant - youth'B panophcd armor for fight - And tie the white neckcloth that rumpleB, like pleaeure, and lasts but a night, And pray the Nine Gods to avert you what time the Tbrre Sisters shall frown, And you'U lose your high-comedy figure, and sit more at ease in your gown. He's off I There's his f oot on the staircase. By Jove, what a bound ! Really now Did ever leap lüe this springald, with Love's chaplet green on my brow T Was 1 Buch an ass ? No, I fancy. Indeed, I remember quite plain ; A gravity mixed with my transports, a cheerf u lness sof tened my pain. He's gono ! There's the slam of his cab door, there's the clatter of hoofs and the wheels, And while he the light toe is tripping, in this armchair 111 tilt np my heols. [e's gone, and for what? For a tremor f rom a waist like a teetotum ppun ; --- - Tor a rose-bud that's crnmpled by many before it is gathered by one. s there naught in the halo of youth but the glow of a passionate race - lidst the cheers and applause of a crowd - to the goal of a beautif ui face ? . race that is not to the swiít, a prize that no merits enforce, ut i won by some faineant youth who shall simply walk over the course ? oor boy ! shall I shock his conceit I When he talks of her cheek's loveüness, hall I say 'twas the air of the room, and was due to carbonic y 'haf, when waltzing sho drooped on his breaBt, and the veins of her eyelids grew dim, 'was oxygen'8 atsence she feit, but never tle prosenco of him ? hall I teil him First Love is a f rand, a weakling that's Btrangled in birth, ecalled with perf unctory tears, but lost in unsanctifled mirth ? r suall I go bid him believe in all womankind's charm, and forget n the light ringing laugh of the world the rattlesnaxe's gay castanet ? hall I tear out a leaf f rom myheart, f rom the book that f orever is ehut n the past? Shall I speak of my first love- Augusta- my Lalage ? But forgrt. Was it really Augusta? No, 'Twas Lucy ! No. Mary ! No. Di ! ever mind, they were all first, and falthlees, and yet - I've forgotten just why. o, no. Let him dream on and ever. Alas ! he will waken too soon ; nd it doesn't look well for October to always be preaching at June, oor boy! All his fond foolish trophies pinned yonder - a bow, f rom her hair, few billets-doux, mvitations, and - what's this ? My name ! I declare. umph ! " You'll come, for I've got you a prize- with beauty and money no end : ou know her, I think ; 'twas on dit she once was engaged to your friend ; ut Bhe says that's all over." Ah, is it ? Sweet Ethel ! Incomparable maid ! r - what if the thing were a trick? - th:3 letter so freely displayed - y opportune prep.ence ! No ! nonsense ! Will I body answer the bell ? all a cab ! Half past ten ! Not too late yet. Oh, Ethel ! Why don't yon go ? Well ? Master said you would wait - " Hang your master ! u Have I ever a message to send ?" fes, teil him I've gone to the Germán to dance with the friend of his friend. Earper'8 Magazine ior June.


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