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- As tbe nationals ara determined to forcé the issues of their fiuancial platform before the people, we. do not see how the Uemocratio party can unite with thum. The iinancial doctrines ol the two parties are in direct opposition An alliance with the Kepublican party upon such an issue would be consistent and entirely honest, for upon that issue there is little difference between thew. - Berrien County Journal. - There Í9 to be a hegira of Radical speakers into the Southern States during the next campaign, and they are all fondly calculating on hnving their meetings broken up and theuiselves driven home. They will bedisappointed. The Democracy of the South don't propose to play into their hands in any such manner, or to furnish thera the ooveted fuel to lire the Northern heart. - Cincinnati Enquirer. -The people are in advance of the politicians on this subject. They profoundly teel that a gross uational wrong bas been porpetrated, and they want the guilty parties exposed and punished too, if there is any law for it. Their demand is reasonable mul just, and is in the lina of the public good for all time to come. - Boston Post. - The Republicana disregarded the constitutional provisión and refused to reapportion the State for the purposu of depriving the Democratie party of the benefit of this increased representation. This shameful act, violating the oaths of the representatives and striking at the foundation of free government, is alone sufficient to tarnish the reputation and dishonor the name of the Legislature. It is outrageous that the State of New York should in 1878, for partisan reasons, be compelled to elect its representatives to the Legislature on the basis of tho population of 1865. - JV". Y. HeraUl. - As to the uso of the army to put down labor strikes, Mr. Hewitt said in tho House of Representatives, yesterday, he thought it was not " in accordance ' with the república;! principie of gov' eminent to restrain any portion of the 4 people fioin exercising auy just right." Mr. Hewitt advertises hiniself, in this remark as a very contemptible, illogical, and hypothetical deuiagogue. He knows that there has nevor been a suggestion that the military arm of the government should bo used to restrain strikers from exercising "any just right." The right to stop railroad traius, tear up tracks, burn depots, drive operatives out of milis and workshops at the peril of their lives, aud murder men who choose to sell their labor for what it will biing in the market, is not a "just right," and Mr. Huwitt knows it. It' the government of the United States can not or will not restrain people who attempt to do these things within its proper jurisdiction, it is not worthy of the name of a government. - Chicago Times. --Tho Calhoun County greenbackers liold a conveution May 29, to elect delegates to the State Convention of June fifth.


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