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The Berlín correspondent of the New York Times says "the subject of the eongress has become a matter of iudifference, and even the Grosser Kurfurst calamity is hardly spoken of in presence of the attempted aesnssination of the Emperor. Tho country literally trembles with the shock, and the disfrace is deeply feit everywhere. ïhat the Socialist rantings should lead astray a Hoedel is intelligible euough, lint that a doctor of philosophy, nn intelligent, highly-cultivated individual, and scion of a respectable family, could have been deceived by the absurd philosophy of the Commune, and stimulated to forco his individual madness upon the common gense of the sane millions was unexpected. The people were not prepared for this extreme result of the theories rife in their midst. If a sober, intelligent man of some position in society and aspiring to seholastic honors conld be betrayed into lifting his hand against this kind-hearted old man, the venerable sovereign of his people and living impersonation of their long-designed unity, there must be an infection iu these doctrines ■wbich no one would have attributed to them a f dw days ago. " The London correspondent of the Chicago Times says a letter has been foimd in the possession of Nobling, the assassin, " showing connection between the Germán Social Democrats and the Socialists of England. It conñrms a previous cablegram as to the plotters in London. It is now believed that the Crown-Prince liad ti narrow escape in the British metropolis. Ou May 27 a telegram to tho continental papers reported that the Princo had been killed in London. The circumstances are now recalled by recent events. On that day a deputation of loyal Germana presented an address ta the Prince in congratulation of his father's escape from the first attack. ïhe polico discovered tho intention of a large body of Germán Socialista to interrupt the procecdings. When the deputation entered, the malcontents in a body rushed for the embassy. Thirty got in, but were thrust out by the pólice. It is now believed that an attack on the Prince was tlnis frustrated, but the Socialist conspirators abroad feit secure enough of the event to report it as an occurrence. Detectives guarded the Crown Prince all the time in London, which seem to be the head-center of the agitators of Socialism and CoTjmunism." The Berlín correspondent of the New York Tribune says: "It is difflcult to obtain authentic information concerning all the ramiücations of tho Socialistie conspiracy, but the following statements may be taken as being approximately correct: The present oondition of Enrope has given hope to the revolutionary leaders, who for a long time have been waiting for a favorable moment to ttrike a decisive blow. Intense discontent bas pervaded Germany, but there was danger of the outbreak of a general European war. In the glamor of military and dynastie triumphs the wrongs of the people are lost sight of. Even the suflerers by the war would be dazzled by its victories or cowed by the display of the military strength tbat would eyery wh'.re be made. It wis accorOi'jgïj deemed neceBsary ín the secret councils I of the revolutionary leaders to strike a blow that would alarm the crowned heads and cause them to retreat from their purposes. It is believed that, at a consultation of the revolutionary leaders, thcro was a discussion as to which sovereign should be chosen as the victim. Victoria was ruled out because she was a woman, and because it was said ly tho Euglish member of tho cabal that, if the revolution were euccessfully started on the i continent, England would feel it as well under the Queen as under a republic. Humbert was proposed as well, aiso, as Alphonso, but it was agreed that tliey were insigmücant victims. Nothingwas to be done in France. She is republican now, aud wül be Communistic tomorrow. Germany was the chosen field of action, and the Empcior was, by necessity, to be the victim. It wül not be long, it is thought, ere the whole details of the conspiracy will be made known." A recent telegram from Paris says : ' ' A private letter from Germany eiplains that, though the Socialists admit that there in not a kinder-hearted or more affable man in Europe than Emperor Williarr, or one more mindful of the suflferings of his subjects, they regard him as the chief prornpter and supporter of the present military system and think that it' he were out of the way a polioy of poace and social development would be iorecd upon the Oovernm'ent and tho scourgo of a great standing arm y might be gotten rid off." Lile i u Kiissia. Thellussian "angel of assassination," Vera Sassnlitch, absorbe all public attention in Francu, even to tho exclusión of the Exbibitioji, tho Oriental difficulty, and the advantages of Napoleon IV. over Dame Itepublique. ïhe whirligig of time has brougüt round its revengo ; Russia, in seeking the moto in theeyeof Tnrkey, has i'orgotten the beam in her own. The gratittcation is general at the sudden Asmodean peep into liussian interiors, as revealed by the Sassulitch trial. In the realms of the Czar, tho more a subject is legally aequitted the more he or she is certain to be officially kidnapped. " Where is Sassulitch?" is, just now, tho " question" oí all the toy questions broiifjüt out. Tho aristocratie young lady, instead of beiug the accused, suddeuly becomes tho accuser. Eer victim, Gei). Trepofl", or "staircase," so called because a fouudling child was discovered on his door-steps, received two balls as a protest against the brutal pólice systom which he embodies, and that overrides the decrees of justice, in the present, as well as in other cases. After all the hosannahs chanted in favor of Eussian liberalism, the Freneh conolude it is simply a tyranny tempered with a gloss of liberty. But scratch tb e Kussian and the Tartar appears. Under the late Czar, Bussia was an immense prison hermetically sealed. His son had opened a few of the windows ; some currents of civilization have entered, intoiicating the nation, and, in a measuro, decomposiug its inBtitutions. Tho new wino has been poured into the oíd bottles. líussia is as absolute now as beforo her reforms ; the secret pólice, the personal-will system, is as limitless and as without control, only the masses no louger fear, and still loss respect, the pólice. Heneo, tho chronic revolutions and the permanent conspiracies, dubbed nihüism - for shortness perliaps, but that aims to turn manners, customs, aud govemment like a glove. For such Utopia the nihilists suffer torture, Siberian exile, the mines and deatn. Tho Freneh press say tho worst tyrannies under their own right-diviue Kings were feeble images of tbc autocraey now existí ug in Kussia, wliere the individual as a cltizen is unknowt), and conista only as a factor on the pólice registers. - Paris Letter. Fisli by the Square jnile. Some faint idea of the vast and iuexhaubtible number of fish on our shoros niü.y, perliaps, be obtained by a consideralion of tho faot tliat yesterday no fewer than (,000 barrels of porgies wero caught off Nevrport. If tbe sea, through tho ViiKjard and Ijoug Island sounds, is anywhrre near as rioh m porgiep, mossbuukers, and other vurieties of tlie most abnodnot kincls of fish, wliat an uijiinaginnbly teeming world of liffl there must be benealh Uie waves ! And it in, even thnu the striviug, pushing world of humau life, a soene of rapacity and destraction - the stronger preying ipon the weaker and "the survival of ,he tittest." Enormous as this single day's catch of porgies seems, it is eursassed by somo of the big hauls of jony-fisU or mossbunkers - the " whiteish " of the evil-smelling Csh-oil milis on the Bhoro. These creaturen actually swann in millions and are caught and I liauled in by the cargo. Schools of voracions blueflsh pursue and drive tlicm flipping and flashing to the surface, where they aro promptly pounced upon by the sailing fish hawks and sea-gulls that wait for them out of water. In the sea and on the land tho Trorld seems to be a scène of shark and tiger, in one or another form of destructivo rapacity. -


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