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St. Louis has 4,000 whisky saloons. Japan has the largest bell in the world. St. Louis has cighteen miles of river frontage. Great Britain exports 16,000, 000 tons of coal annually. America digs up $81,000,000 worthof gold and eilver a year. The Hollanders havcn't had a bank failure for forty years. Time, if improved, is wealth, and shonld not bo squandered. Babies are 25 per cent. scarcer in Prance than in England. The cráter of an extinctvolcano, 1,500 feet deep, has been discovered in Oregon. There are 600 convicta in the South Carolina penitentiary, ouly 100 of whom are white. In Mexico sevonty-one Catholic churches have recently abandoned their allegiance to Rome. Between 1873 and 1877 Austrian railroad stock depreciated to the extent of upward of $200,000,000. The Salisbury milis, at Amesbury, Mass., were sold atauction for $160, 000. Their original cost was $3,000,000. The total omount of coal mined this year will be 18,000,000 tons, 2,C00,00( less than the combination calculatec npon. A sceentific paper states that the ground of the State af New Jersey i siuking at the rate oí sixteen inches pe century. Freight on bullion from Deadwoo to Cheyenne is $2.50 by the 100 pounds. The rich ore is averagiDg $8 to the ton. Carrier pigeons nre used to trans port messages between Baltimore anc Washington, and a good pigeon is val ued at $100. A pedestkian in Washington has jus participated in a race, in which he walkec a quarter of a mile while a horse trotte a half mile. He tv on by ten feet, in one minute and twenty-four seconds. Francts Carrow's trcatment of a Pitts field girl was outrageous. He marriec her in April, and hnnged himself in May leaviug bis six children by a former wife on her hands. The Philadelphia and Roading Rail road Coinpany are organizing 140 policemen to guard the track. They ar all to be armed, and will each have on mile of track under their supervisión. The mining and manufacturing of th phosphate rock in South Carolina ha become one of the leading and most im portent interests of the State. From small beginnings the shipment anc manufacture has risen in nine years to the largo amount of 199,086 tons in 1877-78, of which 115,065 wero shipped to foreign ports, 64,486 tons coastwise and 16,695 tons wero consumed by home manufacturers. Gen. Trepoff, the head of the Rus siau pólice, was in Poland thirty years ago, when the Grand Duke Constantine received from a man in the strcet a box on the ear. The man fled and conld no be found, but the rumor spread rapidly Trepoff went to the palace and proposec to pnblicly announce that he, and no the Grand Duke, hnd been struck. The offer was acceptcd, and Trepoff wa created a Lieutenant. That began hi eareer. Eviii May day (May 1, 1517) was thus called on account of tho violence of the apprentices and populace of London directed against foreigners, particularl; the French. The rioters were heade by one Lincoln, who, with fifteen others was hanged; and 400 more in thei: shirts, nnd bound with ropes, and halters about their necks, were carried to Westminster, but upon crying " Mercy, mercy !" they were all pardoned by the Kiug, Henry VIII, Dublin has a bad repntation for drunkenness, but it must be conceded that if its greatest brewers and distilUrs derive their vast wealth from sources which do harm, they are unexampled among men in this line of business for muniflcence. Sir B. Guinness' magnificent restoration of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, has been surpassod by Mr. Roe, the distiller, who has spent $1,000,000 on the com plete restoratiou of Christ Church, the other Protestant cathedral in that city. FOR MUSIC. Oh ! would tbat lovö conld dl9 And memories ceaae to be ! Tbat a fimii-li kies aucl & sigh Were nothing more to ïne ! Oh ! would that a ununer day, A stroll miü the rugtliug corn, Conld pass from my heart oway, Likö the little clonds at uioru ! Ah me ! for the utarry night, The fflow-worm itmlt-r tho ro.J(, Tho talk iu the fadiug light, Whioh only one sad hrart knows. Ah me ! for the dy'a surprise, The love in a parting look, Tl;e watcbillR of wi.tfuï ryïa For the niorrow that ncver broke. - Goed Woiiin.


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