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Mrs. Bonanza Mackey

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M. Henri Cernusehi's recent ball in Paris is said to have oost that Republicnn baüker L20,000. His gucsts showed their appreciation of his hospitality by their magnilicent toilcts. The American, Mrs. .T. W. Mackey, for instance, wore a dress of caroubier faille, covereJ in front with jet embroidery, worked with the beads called "multicolore," and which are to imitate precious stones. The immense train was p.nk satín, alinost concealed with old point d'Angleterre; her ornamenta were sapphires and diamonds, but of unparaJleled beauty; the sapphire in the center of the necklet Í was litsrally as large as a pigeon's egg. I Her headdress consisted of red roses and magnificent diomonds, and al most at the top of her lei't arm Rhe wore a bracelet, in the center of which was a single diamond the size of the largest hazlenut. TnE Sfartan law regnlated tlie degreo of fatnees to which it was lawful for a citizen to extend his body, and when a man got too fa!; for military service hé got som.dly whippod.


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