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The White House Barber

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There ia a colorea man named Howe connected with the Execntive Mansión in wliom I Lave taken a grcat deal of interest during the past ten years or more. He was found there by Johnson when he carne in. Johnson found him to be a good barber and kept him. He then shavod Grant and Babcock, and aecompanied them in their summerings at Long Branch. Mr. Hayos liked him and kept him, and he still calis at the White House every niornmg with his razors, combs and brushes, and attends to anything thrt is needed in his line. All of hese years he has drawn pay as a firstclass clerk ($1,200 per annum) in the Treasury Department, but he has rendered no service in retnrn, exoept shaving or shampooing those connected witñ the Executive Mansion, which does not tako one honr in the day. Rcccntly there was an examination for ft vacancy in a serond-class clerkship (81,400 por annum) in the Third Auditor's office. The Auditor recommended a disabled soldier for the position, but Mr. Hayes went ono betfer and put his barber in the place. Of eourse the disabled soldier feit bad abont it, but that does not interfere with the barber drawing the salary just the same. A seeondclass clerk of the Third Auditor's office barberizes Hayes and Dr. lïogcrs, his Private Secretary. Tnstead of using iuk he uses lather. He renders no service to the Treasury Department whatever, as, when he is not at the White House, he is occupied in running a public barber- shop in this city that he also keeps. The soldier is laid aside to make room for him, and all this under a reform administratiou and a "soldier's f riend " President. It is enough to make one cuse - but that would do no good - although sometbing of a relief at times, if it is done well. - Washington letter to Hartford Times.


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