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Thurlow Weed On Lincoln, Clay And Greeley

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"Whomdo yon regardas the greatest men of your time?" "Well, that would be difficult to teil. All such tliings are comparative. I coultl name a great many men who liave served their country and their time with eminent ability. But a man's public usef ulnes3 dependa largely on circumstances. Mr. Lincoln, for instance, bad a great opportunity, and he was equal to it. If circumstances had not found him, if he had not been the right man, at the right time, in the right place, he would have remained in obscurity all his life. I regard Henry Clay as foremost among the men laboring all their livos to elévate themselves, and who labored always for the object by promoting the welfare of the country and the interests of the people. Horace Greeley labored with equally pure motives, as I think, up to the point where ho allo ed his ambition to rule him. I knew him intimately for years. A truer, more useful and more devoted practical philosopher I never knew. He labored with a single eye and a single heart and both hands for the good, till he thought ho could be still more useful in office. He was a frank, houest man, with nothing tricky about him. The very moment he found }iis aspira tions in conflict with those ot Mr. Seward, he wrote that well-known letter dissolving the political partnership which had existed between us." - Interview wiih Thurlow Weed. Wine is made from wild oranges in Florida. "


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