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Cash Dry Goods House. 26 South Main St., Aun Arloi ANOTHER REDUCTION ! Owing to the lateness of the season we offer our entire stock at reduced prices : Black Gros-Grain Silks, superior qualityj at 62$, 75, 9Üc, and $1.00. Black Gros-Grain Silks, superior iiality, satin finish, at $1.25 and $1.50. Black Gros-Grain Si] k, cashmere finish, very rieb, $1.75, $1.90, and $2.00. Wc cali special attention to our $1.75 and $1.90 Silks. We know wïiereot we speafa when wesaythai they are positively cheaper than anv $2AH) or -2.:5 Silks toiind elsewhere. Our Coloree! Silks, in every desirable shade, greal bargains. We simply delire au inspection of our Silks. knowittg iliai mr prices and large assortuient must créate a sensation in our city. Full line of ÏTiOURfyiftlC DRESS COODS! Henrietta and Tamise Cloths very cheap. Blapk Cashineres at -15, 50, GO, and 75 cents. Puro Black Mohairs at 15, 20, 25, '■'■, and 50 cents. Jamestown Alpacas, warranted to wash and not cockle, or moncy refunded, in all colors and prices. Bunting in all colors. Dosirable DHKSS GOODS at 8, 10, 12, and 15 oente. Special attention is invited to the 10 cent Dress j Gooda. White Piques at 8 cents. Full line of Tarlatans, Swiss Mulla, Jackonetts, Victoria Lawns, Bishop lawns, Tuckings, and other White Goods, at very low prices. Ladies' Collarettes, EucMngs, lanen Collars and Cuffs, at half their formor pricos. Hamburg Edgings and Inscrtings. "Oashes" Colored Trimmings for Children, warranted to Wash. Torehon Lace made of pure linen, unsurpassed for durability ; also Fine Laces, very (ihaap Large assortnient of Black Silk Fringes. 00U Jap. Fans, froin 4 cents to 50. Large assortment of Silk and Satin Fans. Largest stock of PARASOLS and SUN UHBEELLAS ever shown in Ann Arbor. Good Cambric Parasols at 12è, 15, 20, 25, and 35 cents. Silk Parasols equally cheap. We j show an elegant line of Ladies' and Misses' GLOVES and EOSEEEY. Silk Embroidored Hose from 25c. to $1.00 per pair. Full line of Ladies' and Gents' Linen and Silk Handkerchiefs. All sizes in Ladies' and Misses' Gauze Underwear. 10 of the best make of COESETS to select from. An immense stock of Paisley, Black Thibet, Shetland and Summer SHAWLS from 75 cents up. Great Bargains in LACE SHA W LS AND S A ( !(J U ES for the next 20 days. The largest assortnient of Laflies' Linen anfl Cautie Suits anfl Dusters Ever shown in this County. A FULL LINE OF HOUSE FUEXISHIXG GOODS. Specialties 1 SpeciaSties I We shall olfer for sale this week, 3 cases of Blcached Muslin, one yard witie, better in qusility than the Lonsdale or Fruit of the Loom, at the ruumrkablo low prioo of 8 cents per yard. 100 jiieces Dress Calabries, ouu yard wide, handsoiau styles, at 9 and 10 cents - wholesalo price two weeks ago was 12 1 2 oenta tor same goods. 50 dozen Men's Colored Úose, saauiless, with doublé heols aud toes, at $2 00 per dozen - lesa than small retailms pay fpr theiu. Oor PiSARL .SHIRT still tiikes the lead, for $1.00 ; a fit gaarauteed or mouey refuuded. Live Geese U'IüA.TIIEIfcS alwaye on hand. COATS' SPOOL COTTON furnished to the trad.' at ":.. per dozen. f1pf Don't buy any goods untü yöu examine our stock.


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