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Death Of Dr. James C. Ayer

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Dr. James O. Ayer, the well-known medicine proprietor, has died at iVinchendon, Mass. For the past two years he had been in extremely poor iiealth, and for some part of that period his mental coudition was such that he had to be confined in au asylum for the insane. Dr. Ayer was undoubtedly the wealthiest maker of patent medicines in this country. Ho had been eugaged in the mauufacture of pilla and sirups for many years, and his name is known through his medicines all over the world. In the later years of his life, before his mind became unbalanced, he was desirous to becomc known to the public as a sfaitesman, and not alone as a maker of pills. Having great financial interests in Lowell, Mass, whero he resided, and in its snrrounding towns, he succeeded, in October, 187-1, turough agents, while he was in Europe, in procuring the Republioan nomination for Congress in the Seventh Massachusetts district. A great deal of opposition to him was made on account of his cold manners, and he was defeated by the Democratie candidate, Mr. Tarbox. A few days subsequeut to the election the superabundant iJi-feeling toward Jiim in the town of Ayer - which is nnmed af tor him - found expression in the public buruing of his effigy. It seems likely that brooding over his defeated hope of acquiring political position, and over the indignities oast upon him by the men he expected to rally to his support, causod bis mind to bccome unhinged, Iq June, I87(i, he became so violent that )ic was conveyed to a private asylum in New Jersey, wherc ho remained lor some months. - New York paper.


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