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Give Them The Glory Of It

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It is nearly twenty years since Father Newell, as he was called, happened to be in Charleston, S. C. , during the pastoral vaeation, and. Was invited to preach in the oíd Circular Cliureb, then as venerable as St. Miohael's. The committee had heard of him and his eccentricities, in which ho rivaled Lorenzo Dow, and resolved to give him a hint on the Sabbat.h. They did so, sayingthathe must not forgfit thnt he was in the great city of Charleston and was to preach in a very fine church to a very refined alidience. There was anoininous smilens he said he would remember. Service commenced, and hymn and prayer were not much out of the common, save with more power in them, and the Committee on Pulpit Sttpply began to breathe freely, and to use their fans and handkerchiefs. It was time to preach and old Newell got up. He looked all around, and up at the gallery, crowded with quadroon and mulatto nnrses and senanïs of the quality, and then he began. "lam told I must be cftrefül what I say to day, for tb is isa refined chtirch and a refined city, and I am to preach to a refined audience. I have been looking around for the refinement, and I see it. You reflne any thing when yoii take it in its coarse state, like black molasses or yellow tugar, and make it white and fine. Youbring a ship-lüad of üegroes to this city of Charleston, and every face is so black it would cast a shadow on the chimney back, and the hair is as kinky as a theological student's ideas. You keep them in Charleston a hundred years, and, to save my soul, I can't teil, dalf the time, the negro from the white man, nor the quadroon nurse from ! the child's mother, nor the yellow girl from the white, only she ain't so bilious. Yes, I own up to yöu. You are a powerful refined people, and I give you glory for doing it all, for the Lord had no hand in it. It is your refinement, for the Altnighty never made a mulatto or a mulé." Then he preaohed to as humble a congregation as he ever had in the flatwoods of Blbert. But he was not asked again.


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