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in this couuty, has been nomiuated for PrOsecutiug Attorney by the Republicana of Wayne County. The Republicana of Massachusetts have nominated the Hon. Thomas Talbot for Governor and John D. Long, his principal coinpetitor in the convention, for Lieut.-Governor. We DON't know who said this, but he said it well : " Butler can't be made a Damocrat by Democratie votes, any more tlian nni vómica can be made Prench brandy by labbling it 'cognac'." This is how the Ypsilanti Sentinel puts it : " The Republicana expect to receive a great number of Democratie votes. The Democrat who votes the Republican ticket is as insano as the one who joins the Irredeemables." Andrew Jacksox Smith is the Republican candidato for Judge in the Second Judicial Circuit (Berrien and Cass counties). Stuith's brilliant record as Attoruey-General is probably what commended bim to the nominating convention. The Democratie Convention for the Third Representativo District is to be held at Thomas' Hall, in Chelsoa, on Tuesday next, Sept. 24, at 1 1 o'clock a. in. We hope that the convention will put forward the best and strongest man in the district. The Connocticut Democratie State Convention was held on Tuesday, and Gov.Hubbard and the other State officers renominated. The" platform declares " that the Constitution of the United States recognizes gold and silver as the standard nioney of the Union." How the N. Y. San puts it : " The Republican newspapers cali attention to the fact that the famous Mhine quarries are in Eugene Hale's district, and that the workmen combinud against him and set up a stone-mason as tbeir candidate and elected their man. Hale may therefore be regarded as stone dead." J. H. Slater, Demoorat, has been eleoted United States Senator from üregon, and after the 4th day (ff March next Hippie Mitchell will find his occupation gone. An iutorviower says that Slater " is not in sympathy with inflation, advocates the substitution of legal tender for national bank notes, opposes fiat money, and demanda that currency shall be on a coin b.isis." i i ■- tm i EvERY Democrat in this city should attend the ward caucuses called for next Wednesday eveniug. Dou't stay at home and then complain that this, that, or the other imaginary " ring" has captured the delegations. The nomination of competent and fit men can only be secured by sending competent and fit delegates to the nominating couventions. A day or two ago it was reraarked in our hearing that the Republicans had gone back on Ben Butler because he was only a petty thief, - a few spoons from those New Orleans rebels being the extent of_ his plunder. But only a little later a second gentleman, respouding to i repetition of the "joak," declared that Butler had now atoned for his short-comiügs by stcaling the Massachusetts Democratie State Convention, That order directing the exchange of the new silver dollar for currency has been rescinded already, and the payment of silvor dollars by the Government on currency obligations has been deterniined upon iustead. This is tho adoption of an Argus suggestion, and so t'ar gratifying. And now can the Government send them so far from the port8 of entry as to prevent their inmediato absorption by importers for the payinent of custom duties ' That is the quiistiun. The Argus stands on the money question just where it stood in tho cainpaigns of 'G2, '64, 'G6, 68, '70, '12, '74, and '76, or in any other campaign when the money question was at issue. It then stood with the Democratie party and against the claim on the part of a Kepublicau Congress to the right to uiuke paper promises, mere notes of hand, notos without any intrinsic value, a legal tender. 1 f there are Democrats uow who disagree with the Arous, or even put forth a claim that the Am rs does not represent the party on the fiuancial issues, it is because they have have changed. Principies are the same yesterday, to-day, and forever, and we stand upon principie. "A GOOD ticket to run away from :" that is what the New York Sun styles a presidential ticket to be composnd of Hondricks and Hamptoii or any other leadiug "conscientious Confedérate." It reasons iu this wise: "Men who hone8tly and conscientiously oncè fought to destroy the Uniou niay just as honestly and conscientiously fight again to destroy the same Union. We oherish none but fraternal feelings toward our Southern brethren ; but wheu it couies to making Presidents and Vice-Presidents we piefer making thoiu out of stuff which was never honestly in rebollion tigainst the Union." Would n't the sanie reasoning shut tho same "conscientious O'onfederates" out of either the Senate or House? TilE íesult of the Maine election has ciused Senator Bayaid, of Delaware, to write these pregnant words to a friend : "The struggle is iu reality for the lito of property in all its foruis of credit ; and if a promise oan. be paid absolutely and finally by a promise, there will uever be performance, and so ends the fabric of credit ia all its forms and in all its results of accuuiulatiou." It will be well for the farmer or mechanic or laborer who has loaned his surplus earning8 on note or bond or mortgago, or depositad them in savings banks, to ponder these words. The credit of the ndividual will fall with the credit ot the Government, and a Goverutiient whose proniises are worth nothing or are redeeuied in other proinises will have citizens cqually lax in meeting their engagenients. BeïJ Butleu always was a gieat strategist, and already is his campaign tor President arranged and announced. He is to be elected Governor of Massachusetts, be nominated for President, bend his energies to carry a few States, prevent in that way an election by a niajority vote of the electoral colleges, throw the election into the House, and conipel the House to select him as the compromise candidate. This is, he says, what Cooper should have done in '76, and he is full in the faith that he would now be President had he been the candidate in Peter Cooper's place. If Ben don"t succeed in '80 he prouiises to retire froni politics in disgust. After the cboir sings " Roll swiftly round ye wheels of time and briug the welcoine day," let fervent prayers be offered that disgust deeper than the Atlantic and blacker thanpitch may overwhelui Beu. The Aun Arbor AROU3 shot off lts h'uancini gun ut the Lausing Journal lust week, and hts okl bluuderbuss kicked su hard that the ABÓOS man lay sprawling on lus back helpless. He tned to prove that the Supreme Court hud declared the greenbacks uncoiistitiitional, and his old guu had to kick. - Adrián l'ress. Copy the Arqus article Mr. Prea and give your readers a chance to braud you a first-class falsififr. The Arqus knows very well that after sevoro labor pains a packed Supreme Court brouglit forth a decisión holding the green backs or legal tenders, aud did not attempt to question that tact in the article referred to. Ourneighbor of the Press is as blind as the average inflationist if he did not so see it. What the AHGUS aimed to show, and did show conclusively, was that the court did n't hold the greenback iu any sfmse the "money of the Constitution" but only a temporary substitute for or representativo of it : to be redeemed in constitutional money. Money never requires redemplion. A Ben Butler mob took possession of Mechanics, Hall, Worcester, Massachusetts, at ó oclock A. M., on Tuesduy, at which place the Democratie State Convention was called to be held at eleven o'clock A. M., and the Mayor advising the State Cotnmittee that he was unable to clcar the hall " without bloodshed," the committee adoptod a resolution postponing the couvention to Wednesday next, September 25, and changing the placo to Faneuil Hall, Boston. Nevertheloss the niob held a conventiou.constrncted a platform, and uominated Butler for Governor, with a full ticket. Action like this, if ratified by any large portion of the Democracy, will be a voluntaiy declaration of bankruptcy, while the election of Butler will be a diagraco to the State that canuot be wiped out by years of repen tance in sackcloth and ashea. Yet such is more than likely to be the re8ult, as the ruling wing of thi dominant Republiean party in the old Bay State ia just now iu bad odor and unable to unite that party and coiutuand ita full vote in the coming campaigD. Neituer the trado dollar nor the "dollar of the daddies" - thanksto the cheap money mnjority in Congress - has silver enough in it to make it worth a dollar in the the commercial marts of the world, yet the coin of the least intrinsio value will pass at the customhouse, the postoffiee, the bank, the railrailroad ticket office, and the counter of the merehant for its face value (100 cents) while the other, a seven-aud-a half grain heaviercoin, will go for only 88 or 90 cents, And this fact is made the basis of the oftrepeated assertion that it is the stamp of the mint and not the metal which gives the coin value. It is not the stamp at all, but the arbitrary and unreasonable law of Congres8, which compela the citizen to receive a coin for a dollar which is in no sense worth that amount. Next time you go to Detroit step over into Canada, where the laws of Congress are not supreme, and offer trade dollars and the "dollars of the daddiea" for a lorso or a passage ticket to London or Liverpool, and you will very soon learn which coin has the largest intrinsic value, and how impotent an act of Oonress is to créate values. The crime is n Congress issuing debased coin, stampng metal above its value and compellng American citizens to take it at such ictitious value, and not in those who refuse a coin not worth a dollar, and not made a legal tender, for more than ts real value. The trade dollar was originally coined for circulatiou in Jhina, and was never a legal tender, iut having made a legal tender silver dollar the flrst duty of Congress is to stop coining the trade dollar and make '■ hose already coined a legal tender, or botter to cali them all in, together with ' ;he new "dollar of the daddies" and i c.oin a new dollar that will be of full 'ace value. That and nothing else will rotect the people. (


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