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The Yarn Of The "nancy Bell."

The Yarn Of The "nancy Bell." image
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- _ _ g SY -WU-LIAJI S. G1I.UKUT. Twas on Oia shorts that round our coast l'rom Deal to tamsgato span. Tbat I found alone, on i pieoe of stonc, All eldorly naval man. His hair was werdy. bis heard was lonti, And weedy and long was tic; And I heard tuis wight on the shorc tucito, In a singular minor key: " O. I un a toot and a Captain bold, And tbc mato oL the Nam y bife. And a bo-sun tight, and a núcUhipmitG, And tbc crew of the Captain1 pig." And shook his l'its and tori' bis hair TUI I rcally feit afraid. For I couldn't help thinking tbe man bad been drinkintr. And so I simply said: " O elderly man. it's littlo I know OL the duties of men of tbc Sea. And l'll cat my hand if I nnderstand Eoiv you can possibly be 11 At once a cook and a Captain bold, And the mate oí tiio Nancy brig, And a bo'omi Hght, and a midshipmite. And the crew o( tho Captains gig '." Then he gave a hitch to his trpqsers, which Ia a trick all sBfHntfn larn. And, having got riil of a üramping quid, He spun this painf ui yarn : " "Twas in the good ship Nancy Bell That we sailed to the Indiau sea, And there. on a reel, we came to grief, Whi& has ofk'n occurred to me. '■ And pretty nigh all o' the crew was drowned (There was seventy-aeven o1 soul) ; And only ten of tbe Nancy's men Said ■ Hew ' to tlic ïnustcr-roll. " Thore yas me, and the eook, and the Captain bold, And the mate of the Nancy brip. And a bo'sun ti;rbt and a midsbipnúte, And the crew of the Captain's gig. For a month we'd neither wittlos nor driMk, Till a hongry wc did feel. So we drawed a lot. and, acrordin', shot The Captain for our meflL '■The next lot feil to the Nancy's mate. And a delicate dish he made ; Then our appetite with the raidshipmite We seVen survivors staycd. "And then we mnrdcred the bo'sun tisibt, And he niuch resembled pig; Then we wittled free. did tbe cook and me. On the crew of the Captain's gig. " Then only the cook and ñio was teft, And the delicate quesüon. 'TTiich Of us two aoea to the kettleï' arose, And we áfgued it out as sich. "Por I lored that cook like a brother, ïdid, And the cook he worshiped me: But we'd both bo blowed if if'J either be stowëd In the other chap-s hold. you see. ;t ' 111 be eat if you diñes off me,v says Torn. ' Yes. that," nave I. 'you'll be. Tm boihdif I die, jny friend.' quoth 1; And 'Exáctlj so.' moth he. ■■ S:iys he. 'Dear James, to murder me AVere a foolish tliiup to do, For don't you see that you can't cook me. Whlle I can- and will- cook you ';' " So ho boils the water, and takes the salt And tbe pepper in portions true (Which he liever forgot). and sojue chopped shalot, And ome sage and parsley too. ■ ■ Come bere.' says be. witli a proper pride, Which bis smiling features teil; 1 'Twill soothlng be if I let you see How extrémela nice you"ll mcll.' And he Btirred it rnund. and round, and round, And he sniiïcd at tbe f(aminu frotb; When I ups with bis heels, andsmothershissuiieals In tbe scum of the boiling broth. ' And I eat that cook in a week nr legg, And. as I eating be The last of bis chops, why I almost drops, Fo.r a vessel'ííi sight I Be'e. ■ And I liever larf, and I never smile. And I never lark nor play: 'V But I sit and oroak. and a single foke I have - which is to say : " O, I am a cook and a Captain tjola And the mate of tbe Naney brig. And :i bo'sun tigbt. and a midshipmite, And the crew oL the Captaiirs gii11


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