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Mrs. Fannie Maria Van Gieson, wif si Mr. D. Van Gieson, daughter of Philo and Polly Treat, of Cayuga County, New York, died of pulmonary consumptiou alter a lingeríng siekness, near Ann Arbor, Mich., Sept. 27, 1878, aged 30 years. Her death was peaceful and happy in the assured hope of a bleseed immortality. Some two months before hor death, in the full consciousness of what she was áoing, and teeling the solemn responsibility ot her act, she made a profession of her faith in the Lord Jesús Christ to her pastor, the Bv. Dr. Brown, and was by him received int the cemmunion of the Presbyterian Church. From that to the time of her death her pace was like that of a river, and her growth in grace was tnarked and steady. She safftred much, but bore her sufferings patiently and uncomplaiuingly. Her Bible was always by her, a constant companion and delight. The visita of hor pastor, and praver and religious conversation, were her unfailing joy. ïhough so young, and having so many things, in husband, children, relations and iriends, to bind her to eartb, she was not only resignad to die, bat even loused to depart to be with Christ, whioh was far better, and so she feil aaleep in Jesus. She selected the passage of Scripture from which she wished her funeral sermón to be preached, and uone could have been mon appropnate. "Be ye alo ready, for in suoh au hour as yo think not the sou of man cemeth." Her funeral was largely attendad, and on a beautiful Sunday afternoo hor 6orrowing ralativBS and friends followed her to the tuint), to slesp till the morning of the tesurrection. F. T. B.


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