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Took It All In

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A Philadelphia boy, aged 12, whose únele is a momber of the Legislature, ■ñas permitted to tako a trip to Harrisburg lant spring in order to visit the State House. He carne homo chuckfullof importance, and when his little brother ran to meet him at the gate William coldly waved him back andsaid : " I refer you to the Committee on Fisheries, bub, and how's my dog? " His mother was glad to see him, and, when she asked if he had enjoyed himelf , he replied : " Oh, I suppose so, though I now move to strike out all after the enacting clausp." " What sort of talk is that, Willie, dear?" she asked in great surprise. " Never mind tho talk, mother, but move tlie previous question and bring ou the pan-cakes." The hiredgirl carne in with thé'dínner and wantod to know how he liked Hurrislmrg. He looked at her with great dignity and replied : " I now move to lay your petitiön on the table, Hannah, for future consideration." She got mad about it, and William slyly informed his mother that it was his opinión that Hannah's title should be made to conform to the body of the bill. He went out to see the boys after dinner, and a house-painter asked him where No. 657. was? " "We'll havo a cali of the House and see," replied the boy as he looked around. " Whose house ? " askcd the painter. " Or, you can rise to a question of privilege," contimied the lad. " I don't want no sass ! " said the painter, who thought that the boy was making fun of his red nose. " Of course not. Let's pass the bill to a third reading, or else go into committee of the whole and debate it." " I think you need dressing down ! " growled the painter, and he banged William into a snow-bank and pushed a heap of snow down behind his collar. " Has the minority no rights? " yclled the boy as he kicked the painter upon the shins. He would have been walloped'had not his mother appeared. The painter moved away when he saw her, but called out : " 111 see you again, boy ! " " I refer the whole bill to fatlier, with instructions to report a bill to walk you into the Pólice Court," replied the Representativo, and he went in to teil his mother the difference between suspending the rules and rushing a bill, or referring it to the Committee on Cornfields till gome one carne around with the cigars.


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