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The Two Roses

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My love, my May, and I. ono day, Enehanted with the Wflftther, Walked througt) the hade of woodland glado In bliss. beeause together. Said sweéthearf May', " Look. love, I prayl " I looked. and saw lier bonding A rose-bush oYr. her beauty more Than earthly radiance lendtog Unto tlic flower, whose huc the power Of heaven was spent in blcnding. Two roses grew. bnt only two, In Holitary splendor, ITpon thebush - I made a rush To pluck and then to rentier Them unto whom their earthly bloom Could offer no comparlng; But " Stay. oh stay ! " said swoetheart May, " Nor pluck them; for by sparing They two will blow till winter's snow, YoHr love and mine declaring ! ' My love, myMay, and I, one day, While. winter wluda were blowing, Carne to the place where once in grace Two flowers we loved were growing; But pone was one, and low apon The mossy rock was lying; The other. ñlled with dew distilled From Evening's vase, was Bighiog, As thougli it weit the triend who slept. And murmured at hls dying, An evil sign, dear sweetlieart mine," I said; " what is lts mëaning? It may portend, what Heaven foriend It does not. that the Rleaniug Of death is nlgh, when you or I Must here be left a sighing." And, as I spoke. my volee it broke In sobs - and, almost crying- ■ I blush to say - I looked at May To list her eweet replyisj?, My love, my May. what did shti say? She said: " My dear. these flowera Were broised by fate, when sepáralo, For one, by all the powera Of nature torn, now lies forlorn Upon the sod expiring; The other, left of friend bereft, Of llfe is quickly tiring. The lcsson's plain - then why remain A two. when, by aapiring To marriago, we a one sliall be, Each other's hopes inspiring? " ##♦♦ Tis passing strange, a wondrous chango Has come upon tho flower, Once all alone - for there have gi-owu And blooraed - o heaven-sent dower - Three blossoms fair. of beauty rare, Anear the parent stem; 'Twas just to-day, I went with May, Aad, calmly looking ou them, " A prophecy ! " said I. and she - She blushed, and sighed, " Ahem ! "


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