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The Indian And The Lawyer

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In tlie city of Halifax there dwelt a lawyer, crafty, snbtle as a fox. An Indian of tho Miami tribo, named Simon, owed him some money. The lawyer liad waited long. His patience at last gave out, and he threatened the Indian vtith. lawsuit, process, and executions. The poor red man got scared, aud brought the moncy to his proditor. The Indian waited, expecting the lawyer would write a receipt. "What are you j wíúting for?" asked the lawyer. "Beceipt," said the Indian. "A receipt," said the lawyer, "a receipt; whafc do you know about a receipt? Can you understand the nature of a receipt V Teil me the use of one and I will give it to you." The Indian looked at him a moment, and then said : " S'pose maybe me die ; me go to heben; me flnd the gate locked; me sec 'Pastle Peter; he say, ' Simon, what you want?' me say, ' Want to get in ; ' he say, ' Yon pay Mr. T. dat money?' What me say? Me hab no receipt; havo to hunt all ober heil tofind you ?" He got his receipt.


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