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Cleopatra's Needle

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Northern climates are ill-adapted for the preservation of stone monuments, at the best ; and when there is added to the inclemencies of the weatber the action of a corrosive atniosphere, like that of London, the hardest stone stands small chance of preserving its integrity for any great length of years. ïhe Egyptian column, Cleopatra's Needie, is scarcely in position on the banlis of the Thames when the question of ita preservation engages the attention of the Metropolitan Board of Works. At a recent meeting, the engineer and consulting chemist of the board reported that the surface of the Needie was in a condition that made it liable to be rapidly disintegrated by the action of the London atrnosphere and by frost. It was recommended that a trial be made of a "stone solution," to harden the surface and make it impervious to the weather; but, on the assertion by members of the board that the same solution had been used without success on the House of Parliament, the matter was referred to a committee for further inquiry.- Scieiiti.fto American.


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