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the close of business on Saturday, Nov. 23, $243,005.23: an inorease tor the week of $5,973. 11. Cokoress will meet on Monday next, December 2. Tho animal message of President Hayes will appear in the Alious of December 6. Marsiiall Jeweli., ox-PostiuastorUenoral, hankors after that seat in tlm U. 8. Senate which tho Connecticut .Legislatura has to of. The Republicana are gruinbling that only a single colored wember is likely to have a seat in the next House, and profesa to see in that i'aot the evidonce of intimidation. Tuk Halifax award was paid on Saturday last, accompanied by a "protest." As long as Salisbury gets tho inoney he will put the "protest" in his pipe and smoke it. Wabmouth, of Louisiaua i'auie, is credited with saying that " 1880 will be the biggest bloody-Bhirt canipaign we ever had." Orant is to head the column, with Zaoh Cbandler as ring uiaster. That Grand Kapids post-ofiice don't go a begging. Representativo Stono has named Hon. E. C. Watkins, an exMichigan logislator, but ex-Judgo of Probate Harían is contcsting the appointment at Washington in his own behalf. Bob Isoeuso l i. says that he is aching to make another speech iu favor of Blaine for President in another Republloau National Convention. Hadn't Bob bottor wait and see how ho comes out in the contest with Moses aud the ministers ? The Ypsilanti Commercial announces Hon. E. P. Allen as a candidate for Speaker of the House, and says that by hit election " tho gavel would fall iuto worthy hands." Tho same paper also gays that Mr. W. K. Childa, of Pittsfield, Arms of the last House, is a candidate for re-election. GEX. Hawley inclines to the opiu ion that he made a mistake in runniuj for Congross at the recent election in Connecticut. Being elected seenis t have closed the doors of the Sen at against him. And he haa hankere after a seat in that body these man; years. GlVIXö Bisbee, Republioan, a sea from Florida, which he will get unde the decisión of the Supreme Court o that State, and the Democrats figure up a majority of only throe over the Ee publicans and National-Grbenbacker combined. A close shave. Zach Chandler's special friends ar indulging in a glootny fit just now Cause : Senator Christianoy refusss to get sick and die and his family physi cian certifíes that he has had no paralysie and " is apparontly as well as ever, mentally and physically." The obstinacy of some folkis remarkable. And now comes oíd Siuion Cameron with a prophocy that "the campaign of 1880 will be the hottest since the days of Jackson, that everybody will be in earnest, and that Grant will go in with a sweep." Cameron don't bolieve in postponing national punishment until the next world. " Give it to 'em on earth" is his motto. THE Battle Creek Journal has renewed lts demand that "the debtor should have the right to disoharge his debt on the valuation of the metal contained in the cheapest of the two legal standards." As the debtor must be subjected to the same rule of law as his creditor he will be obligedto receive pay for his goods, wares or merchandise, or for the products of his labor, in "the cheaper of two legal standards" before he can make payment in the same. We confess, therefore, that we are at a loss to see just how he can make anytbing by his choice. If he could sell for gold and pay in silver the choico the Journal claims for him would be a valuable one. A FRIEND at Washington who writes U8 to indorso heartily and fully the polioy of the Akqus in discussing the finanoial issues of the late campaign, and its present position upon the currenoy question, says of the futuro : " "We " eau win the next fight with Bayard, " for with him we can carry New York, ' New Jersey, and Connecticut. Neith"er Thurmau nor Hendricks cando that " and if we ehould surrender to the 'Ohio " idea,' which is not to be thought of for " a moment, neither Thurinan nor Hen" dricks could carry one western Stite "save Indiana. I hope you will keep " up the fight, for we cannot win on " any other ground." These are the words of an intelligent observer, of one in position to know which way the current sets and in what direotion safety lies. We believe that he reads the political signs correctly, The Detroit papers are quite jubilant over the seini-official announceuient that under the naw arrangement the Wabash Bailroad, new having its eastern terminus at Toledo, is to be extended to the Grand Trunk junction, there to form a permanent connection with the Grand Trunk, As there are now two tracks running Bide by side between Toledo and the junction aforesaid, the outsider can scarcely see any wisdom in laying another. From the depot of the Wabah road in Toledo to tho Grand Trunk junction is 56 miles. Now a road may be built from this city to Pontiac on a line only 34 miles long, - or 22 miles lesc than it is necessary to build to oonnect at the junction. The Grand Trunk and Wabash roads can afford to rnn the extra distance of seven to eight miles, to save building 22 miles, especially as the interior line will give them looal trafile which they caunot get by the shore line, and aleo give the Wabash road a valuable oonnection with the Flint and Pura Marquette. A mass convention has boen held in the office of a paper publishednot a hundred miles trom this city and the following "regular Democratie nominations" mado for 1880 : ' For President, Allen Q. Thurman, of Ohio ; for VicePresident, George B. McClellan.of Now Jersey." What a deal of fret and labor and worry and caucusing and log-rolling and time and money and woar and tear have been saved to the Democratie party ot this great nation by this strategetical niovemcnt. Horetoforc " regular Democratie nominations" have not boen such still born affairs. Vurily, the National Oommittee, the thirty-saveu State Oommittees, and the politiuians at their backs, have been flankod and captured without tho firing of i gun. And yet the soleniu wag of the Post and Tribune, rises to lugubriously temark, " If you could find out who dug these fellows up you would stand a protty good chanco of finding out who has Stewart's body." Too bad that daring and genius aud strategy are not botter appreeiatod. A Thuruian Democratie platform, cordially supported by the Democratie party, wouki have given a Democratie victory in Michigan in 1S7S. U'e thought so, said so at the proper time aud place, say so now, and point to the figures that prova i.-Laiisiny Jourw. Yes, if the sky had ouly fallen in blackbird time, every man and bis wife could have dined on black bird pot-pie caugbt in such a providontial trap. A " Thurniau Demooratio platform" would not have caused tha withdrawal of the Grand Kapids ticket, would have lost the Deniooracy a largo number of Doinooratic votos, - the votes of Demócrata who would not have the groenback heresy cramiued down theif throats, or in case of a fusión thousands of Republican greenbackers would have gouo back to thelr first love and insured a Republicau victory. The old fashioned Demócrata and the now fashioned Greenbackers are too far apart for a fusión iuto ono party, and the " softa'" or " 44,,000 Thurman Democrats who voted for Smith" (according to the Journal) aro so many witnesses of that fact. A PRIVAPE letter from Washington says: " Everything points to a busy Ki'ssion, and I apprehend a great deal of bitterness will be manifested. Butler will undoubtedly fire off his hat load of bricks, and then we shall have a hunt for the ' true inwarduess' of the ciplier dispatches." Let us have all the political telegrams, - Republican as well as Democratie, - and then " lay on MoDuff." The Marquis of Lorne and the Princess Louise arrived at Halifax, by the Sarmatian, on Saturday night last, and Monday was gala day in that city. The layal people of the Dominion are in high feather : a royal princess to reside among them and her husband to act as Govemor-General or Viceroy. We invite attention to ex-Gov. Seymour's article on " Our iunishments fer Crime," on our first page.


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