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- A resident of th8 city contributes the ío lowing straugo coincidence to " H.tndom Xotes : " Whon Wat Tyler cama up againB London witb his insurgente iu 1381, h seized the High Sheriff of London, Kichan Lyons, cut off his head, and paraded it throug the streets tuck on a pike. A short tim afterwarda, while holding a conference wit the King (Kichard II), for an insolent romark he was himself killed by Sir William V& worth, the JLocd Mayor of London. A gentlt man of Ann Arbor, who claims his desceut o his mother's sido from Richard Lyous, une whose wifo on her mother's side is descende( from Sir Williain Walworth, in writing to hi brother iu Virginio, with whom his wifo' sister is now yisiting, spoke of the siugula fact that Lyons and Walworth ahould hav been so related in 1381, and a descendant o each be husband and wife in 1878. The eve ning tho letter was received, his brother at th tea table, having on his right hand the younj lady visitor, and on his left a son of the Hou Judge Bouldin, repeated the story, wheu youiij Bouldin exclaimed, "And I am a Bon of Wa Tyler ! my father's ruiddle namo (Thoma Tyler Bouldin) is for him." There, sitting sido by side, were doscendants oL the three mei so tragicaliy conuected in England Ó00 years bofo re. - Widow Van Cott, a Methodist revivalis without having received Methodist ordinatiou has been "atrikiug from the shoulder" a those ministers who use alcoholic wines ii administering the tacrameut. Sho pronouuces rumseüers as "contemptible vipers" but rauks them still above the ministers aforesaid, be causo "the rumseller htiB a pecuniary inceu tive while the minister hasn't." She woulc have the rumseller gibbeted and the offendiug minister depoüed and succeeded by a womau. Widow Van Cott either grades crimes queerlj or has a qucer way of meting out punishincut Une would naturally think that to be superseded by a womau was scarcely so severo a punishment as the gibbet. - Breitenbach, the boy charged with the rourder of his grandfather near Detroit, has been couvicted, on the second trial, of murder n the secoüd degree, and sentenced to the )rison at Jackson for life. This is auother Uustratiou of the well ostablished rule that nobody can predict or account for the verdict uf a potit jury. The murder was evidently wilful, malicious, and premeditated, and without any oxteuuating circunibtances, and ii roung Breitenbach was the guilty party his ciime was raurder in the first degroe. Pcrhaps 'udge Reilly so thoughc as he gave the senence of that grade. - The fullowing booka have beon added to he Ludies' Library : Ariadns Florentina, iuskin ; Ethics of tho Dust, Ruskin ; Itecolections of Writors, Charles and Mary Cowden Clarke ; China Hunters' Club, by the youngst member ; Roxy, Edward Eggleston ; Sueistition and Force, Heury C. Lea; ViBion of Schard, Whittier ; Madiievel Church History, 'rench, ; Life and Adventures in Japan, E Vairen Clark ; Tent Work in Pulestine '. Amy's and Marion's Voyage around tho World, saiah B. Adams. - We know now just how long tho reign of arbunsm and savagery has made a slave of woman. It is just 120,000 years, or so said Ura. Dr. Sara B. Chase, in a rceent lecture at Jhickering Hall, Now York. It is wonderful ïow far back of the era of recorded history ome people can look; - Extremes rueut : The saloon keepers of ais State agree with John Kussell' prohibíory party in wauting the Legislaturo, at lts omiug Bessiou, to repeal the liquot tax law. 'he experionce that liquor dealers have had f prohibition induces them to prefer it to axation. - The Supremo Court of Fennsylvania has ustained tho constltutiouality of the law prolihiting waiter-girl saloons. And the pretty 'aiter-girl can no louger dispense lager and miles at the same time. - A World " Xote " says : " Xot & tingle yuuifyyddll book has been priuted in the Welsh lauguage." Just thiuk what a missionry tUld or work i opn to Bob Ingertoil.


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