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A Dog And A Pig

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There is a dog at Tanpo and nlso a young pig, and these two afford a curioiis ezample of animal sagaeity andeonfidenco in tbe bona lides of each other. These two animáis live at the native pah on the opposite side of Tapuaeharuru, and the dog diseovered some happy hunting grounds on the other sidts mil informeel the pig. The pig. being only 2 montha old, informed tht; dog that he could not swim across the river, whïch, at that spot, debouohee from the lake, lmt that in time he hoped to share adventures with Iris canino friend. The dog settled the diffic-ulty. He went in to the river, standing up to his neck in Water, and orouched down ; the ])ig got on his back, clasping bis neck with his forelegs. The dog then siviim across, thus carrying his ehum over. Regularly every morning the two would in this way go at'i'oss and forage around Tftpuaeharwru, returningto tlie pah at night; and. if the dog was ready to go home before the pig, he wouid wait till his friend canie down to be ferried over. The truth of this story is vouched for ! by severa! who have watohed the movements of the pair for somo weeks jiast. - New Zealand paper. L. M. Ohlev, whilo passing through a crowd near the New York Tostoffice, feit a tng at liis diamond stud, and fonnd that a iilken cord had been attached and the spinil wiro had been nearly straightened out He traeed the cord to a well-dreKsed man, who bogged a thouBand jjardons and moved, off rapidly.


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