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Diphtheria And Its Cure

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Mr. e. Lawrence, of est Chazy, N. Y., writes as follows to the Plattsburg Repúblicas : Allow me to say a few words of the greatest importance to the public, through your jomntil, in regard to the terrible disease diphtheria, which ia raging with great destruction of livea throughout the county. It has raged here to a fearful extent, quite a largo numbev of cases proving fatal. Thère is a family here by tlio name of Light, wlio moved here from Kochester this season. Mr. Light said to some of the neighbors that previous to moving here abe had an attack of diphtheria andcured herself by the use of kerosene oil as a gargle, swallowiiig some; but the reiftedy was so simple that our oitizens didn't think anything of itujitilfive of Joseph Jelley's children weré taken down with the diphtheria. Their throats became swollen and cankered tarribly. Mrs. Jelley sent aftir her nciglibor, Mrs. Milliette, who had lately lost a son by the disease, to ascertain whether it ;as really diphth na or not. Mrs. Milliette pronounced it diphtheria in a very dangerous form. Mrs. Jclley said sh would use Mrs. Light's remedy- kerosene oil- whieh she gave her children as a gnrgle. ako had tiicm swallow some. The children recovered rajiidly, and in a few days were out on the street. Another neighbor by the name of Lusia, raihoad tractmaster a, this place, had three children taken with diphtheria, and cured them with kerosene oil. William Emery had four children taken down, aud gave kerosene oil and they recovered. Robert Gillette was taken with it, aud cured himself with kerosene also. John Reynolds, of Ingraham, had a daughter and niece cured by kerosene oil after they were giren up for death j by the doctor. George Gillette had three children taken with the same disease very bad, and they were cured with kerosene. What is most astonishing is that not a single case where they used kerosene I oil has proved fatal. The reinedy is simple and certainly cheap, and always at hiincl iu all families throughout the land.


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