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Resumption In Ann Arbor

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Congre8, when resumption of specie payment should take place, has come and goae without produoing a ripple of oxciteiueut in fiuance. The prediotions of oampaiga orators that disaster would befall the government whioh should attempt to redeem $350,000,000 in national bank bilis with $90,000,000 in specie hare vanished into thin air. However plausible such argumenta appeared then ; however sanguine many people were over the impossibility of resumption, it is oertain subsequent e vents have not juatified the cause tor the least alarm. Preparations by government to meet demands likely to be made upon it for gold or silver have proven uaneces sary ; for, thus far in the year no one has wanted the precioua metáis. Government notes answering all purposes for import duties, for what, then, can any one want either ? " What effect has resumption in this city" inquired our reporter of cashier Knight of First National Bank. " None, that we have been able to see responded Mr. K. Our bank sent to N. Y. for gold so as to be prepared in case any one in this seotion might want some. Not a single person has asked for gold across our counter. Indeed we have said to several castomers we had gold for them if they wantod, but they have as yet preferred curreucy. One of our atockholdera reaiding ia this county was induced to take a doublé eagle, on the proiniso he oould return it and get paper, af ter he had exhibí tod the gold to his family. " "Are you prepared Mr. Cashier" queried our reporter, " to redeem any or all your own bilis on presentation ?" " We are not obliged to redeem in gold ; legal tenders anawer tha same purposa. With the amount in hand we are required to keep, aside from gold and silver, there can be no danger, for it is out of the question for anv one to gather enough of our issue, scattered from Maine to California, to give us any trouble whatever." "Theu you hare not geen, nor do you expect, any trouble from resumption. " " None whatever ; if so inuch hadn't been said by a portion of the body politie, predicting terrible resulta from resumption, not one person in ten would have thought about the matter. Such preparations as we have made have been entirely unnecessary ; still, it was deemed best to be preparod. Besumption thua far in Ann Arbor, has been of little or no importance, and we cannot see how or where there has been any change in our bank. Wanted.- A bright, active boy of about 14 yeara of age to learn the printer's trade. Apply at once to this offioe. - And this is wbat the Indianapolis Journal tliiiiks of Bro. Talmage and his sermons : " W trust there is no foundation for the rumor that EU Perkins is dramatizing Talmage's sermona. The country has had enough of the Ilegitímate drama." Is Ilegitímate drama on the stage any worse than illegitimat acting in the pulpit ?


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