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Au arrow, if it be drawn up but a littio way, goes not f ar ; but if it be pulled up to the liead, flies swiftly and pierces decp. Thus prayer, if it be only clribbled fortli from careless lips, falls at our feet. It is the strength of ejaculation and strong desire which sends it to heaven, and makes it pierce the clouds. - Bishop Hall. Fertional Charaetcr of Jemis. If we attempt to discover what it ia in the personal charaeter of Jesus Christ, as shown in His life, that thus attracts snch permanent admiration, it is not difficult to do so. In an age when the ideal of the religious life was realized in j the Baptist's withdrawing from men, and burying himself in the ascetic solitudes of the deserts, Christ carne, biïnging religión into the haunts and homes and everyday life of men. For the mortirications of the hermit, He substituted the labors of active benevolence; for the feors and gloom that shrank from men, He bronght the light of clieerful piety, which made every act of daily life religious. Stability of God's Church. Bev. Dr. MacLaren remarks in one of his publishedermons : "If it had been possible to destroy the church of the living God, it had been gone long, long ago. lts own weakness and sin, the ever new corruptions of its belief and paring of its creed, the imperfections of its life, and the worldliness of its heart ; the abounding evils that lie around it, and the actual hostility of many that look upon it and say, ' Raze it even to the ground,' would have smitten it to the dust long since. It Uves, it has lived in spite of all, and, therefore, it shall live. 'God will establish it forever.' In almost every land there is some fortress or other which the pridc of the inhabitants calis ' the maiden fortress,' and whereof the legend is that it has never been taken, and is inexpungable by any foe. It is true about the fower of the flock, the stronghold i of tn o. danghter of Zion. The grand 'woiils or ISalah ffDüut tlilü wBl',y an invader are our answer to all fears within and foes without : ' Say unto liim, the virgin, the daughter of Zion, hath despised thee and laughed thee to scorn; the daughter of Jerusalem hath shaken her head at thee. I will defend this city to save it for My own sake, and ' for My servant David's sake.' 'God will ! estabiish it for ever.' And the pledges . of that eternal stability are the deliveranoe of the iast and of the present." Serving the Lord with Gladness. We must serve something or some one. If we serve óurselves we gain ' nothing by it ; for we can give ourselves only what we already have. If we serve our fellow-men, obey their commands, promoting their interests and enhancing their glory, we can obtain from them only what they have to give. Perhaps they will not perceive the value of our services, and have no grateful appreciation thereof. What they eau give is perishable and of little worth. If we serve any lust we are slaves of a beast. If we serve any passion we are the slaves of a demon. God permits us to serve Him, that is to obey His commandments, co opérate with His great movement and promote His glory. The service of God is a duty ; it is also much more, it is a privilege. Christians dishonor their religión by representing Christian life as a chain that must be worn for a season, instead of a magnilieent robe whieh adorns them. Serve the Lord with gladness. Be glad that you are permitted to serve Him. Engage in His service cheerfully. Let His service be the fountain of your highest joys. Do not act as though you would say, " Ah me, I must pray, I must fast, I must give Him my time, my labor, ah, me ! " Go belore His presence with singing. Sing praises unto Him, that He permits you to give anything whieit in any wise connects itself with Him. The only permanent joy on earth is the joy of God's salvation - Bev. Dr. Deerns. dioico SelectioiiH. The evidenee of true holmess is, hatred to, ruourning over and forsaking of sin. Be an importúnate beggar at the throne of grace. What wonderful condescension ! God beseeches me to te reconciled to him. Nothing is more calculated to quiet the mind in trouble than viewing all things in the hands of God ; and that God as my friend. Kesignation te God's sovereign will in trying times displays wisdom and secures comfort. There is but one place of rest for the human mind, and that is on the Koek, Christ. Thoso who are intended to do any eminent service for God ure always emptied of self , and led to see their unfitness for their undertaking ; then they trust simply on God's wisdom and power, and He gets all the glory. Transact all business with eternity in your eye. Thero is a fountain of blood to cleanse your souls, and a fountain of supply to fill your souls. If the Lord lead you in a rough way it is to keep you humble befara Him. Jesus lived for you, and requires in return that you should live for Him. If we grieve the Spirit of God by our lightness, worldliness, or presumption, we do but fill our own enp with worrnwood and galL - Young Christtan's Pockel-Book.


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