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Two Paths

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Oh! murmeriiK? ones wbo frown and fret Üpon tbe way your feet are set, Kuow tliat the path ye eount so bleak Is better tlian the ofte ye seek. For on that broad and pleafiBttt way, Wherein so much yo long to stray, Stands couscience, and from every soul That journeys there he asks a toll. A toll that steals (rom every plettSUte, Tliat takfs from evexygUttexl&g treasure. That robs the travelcr of hifl rest, Aud 8mite.s the heart within hís breat- For tbis one, turned from friend to foe, Forbids swcot peace wlth thein lo go, And allis now but woTtbleu dross, Tliat bnowa her presence' fliht and loss. So, mouffh the road be rough and stii'p. Spced on, oh friend ! thy courage keep; And ever at tliv side hall be The peare that conwcience grives to thee; To smooth the v:iy, to wWaper ' ftope," ThrougJi e'er what darkness ye may grope. Tben. ere thy nee la wholly nui, Or erb the whole Iohk day is done, A burst of sudden light shall break Xlpon tby path. and ye shall wake To knoTV tlif way ye did derido Led t a country {j;lorified !


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