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Hippophagy In Paris

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The committee for encouragmg the use of horseflesh as an article of food have issued a tetara showing that the immber of horses, assos and malee slaughtercd in Paris for consumption in 1878 was 11,31!, or 700 more tlnm iu the prcvious year. The continued increaso in the use of horseflesh is, they say, a proof that tho prejudice against it is being gradually overeĆ³me. A prize of 1,200 francs was awarded by M. Decroix to the founder of the flrst shop for the sale of horseflesh in London, oponed in May last. That vent ure, during the four months it was car' ried on, did not, however, meet with all the desired success, the chief rea-son for whioh was (the committee say) that the Director was quite ignorant of the glish language. The eommittco now offer a;medal of honor to any English butcher who sliall take upthe trad e and continue, jt for three months at least.


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