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The Jews of tlie world are estimated at 6,500,000. Germany recently launched her first home-made iron-clad. In Europe steel and iron rails are now nearly the same price. . The emigration of Canadians to Manitoba is expected to be very heavy this year. Baltic, Ct., whioh has 137 families, has no church of any kind, but has seventeen liquor shojs. Bark grows thickeston the north side of trees ; thns, in a forest, to teil which is north, girdle a tree. Japan is now manufaeturing boots for sale in the United States from leather brought from American ports. There are $100,000,000 worth of churehes in New York, and the only taxes paid are to the preachers. Duking 1877, 5,877 persons emigrated from the Austro-Hungarian empire, and nearly all came to the United States. A Bmtish trade-paper says Amerioan Consnls excel in the practical nature of their Communications to the home Government. Secretary Sherman does not estimate the amount of Government bonds now held abroad at more than $100,000,000. They havo been enjoying a trotting meeting on the ice at Montreal, and a local paper hcads its report "The Canadian Turf." Postjiastkk General Key has a good word for the women who are in charge of postoffices. They do their work satisfactorily. The Atlanta Constüuüon estimates that during the past two seasons the farmers of Georgia have paid out $3,000,000 for mules. _ This winter there have been, for the first time in thirty-five years, fourteen consecutive days of skating in Kegent's Kark, London. The Diario Official, a Mexican paper, has astonished the journalistic world in that country by running its press by steam. There are not enotigh lawyers in the lower house of the General Assembly of North Carolina to make a Judiciary Committee of lawyers. In two years the Governor of Texas pardoned 190 convicts. Of the number forty-five were murderers and thirty-three horse-thieves. It is estimated that there are nearly 2,000,000 of acres of land in Ireland, which, if reclaimed, could be adapted to the raising of grain. The abolitionof the City Government of Memphis has put an end to the city rings and left the local politieians without means of subsistence. It is said that a Itussian officer has invented a dynamite shell capable of destroying a man-of-war at 200 paces, and rendering the use of torpedoes unnecessary. The London Economist finds the amount of gold in circulation in France to be about $1,000,000,000, or $27.371 for e very man, woman, and diild of the French people. Thirty-five thoüsand dollars, contributed by the world's charity to the relief of the sick and needy at Memphis, is tied up by garnisliments of the holders of the city bonds. The rancheros of Chihuahua, Mexico, have taken the law into their hands and captured and executed six highwaymen ; among them one Miguel Armendariz and three of his sous. A Welshmah named Thomas Rowland died lately at the age of 103. He left eight children, whose respective ages were 71, 70, 68, 6G, 64, Cl, 58 and 56, or 514 years altogether. It is reïatèd of Widow Mary Holbrook, why died recently in Brockton, Mass., at the age of 98 years, that she made $o,000 aftor she was 75 years old by the sale of " tidies " in Boston. Mbs. Úrsula Humphkeyville, of Northfield, Ct., is in lier lOlst year, and is still ablo to be about. Two years ago slic rode on a rnowing macl.ine, driving the horses through the fleld. The Bonrso at Vienna isa handsomer building than the Emperor's palaco, and was put up by Jewish capitalists who own it. The Vienaese cali it the Temple of Solomon on the Danube. The Boston Herald regrets that Mrs. Haye.s should have wom a wine-colored silk, and thinks a watered silk would have been much more becoming to so distinguished a temperance advocate. It is admitted that the oak does not flourish in England to the extent it did formerly. This fact is not singular, as it is well known that every plant, if kept to the same soil, will degerierate in time. All over the South, says the Louisville Journal, farmers continue to hypothecate their crops in advance, whicli shows that they are running at least one year ahead of their means. M. Lostal, a French railway contractor, recommends quicklime asapreservative of timber. He puts the sleepers in pits, and covers thom with quicklime, which is slowly slacked with water. It is estimated that the State of New York has 6,400 ecclesiastical organizations, with sittings for 2,000,000 Dersons, and a membership of 1,300,000. The value of the elmreh property is reckoned at $117,000,000. At Los Angeles, Cal., in almost every yard you bohokl the mature orange trees, or those soon to come into bearing ; in fact, the mania has become so great that they are now set out on sidewalks in lieu of shade trees. Last fall many of the Southern States cured and put by home-made bacon enough to last them until the next hogkilling season. Bacon is the favorito meat for whites and blacks throughout the South ; hitherto they had drawn it I chiefly from Ohio. OPPOETDNITY. How brightly oa tlie mornitlies! - Purple monarch in dlsgnlse - Hiiil liini, crown him; if you wait, Twill forever be too lato. Youtta, by May's cnrliantment led, Dreams of rosier days Bui only he who Croata the hottr Oarves the piral patfa to power. Malden, wilh the pretty facel AU the unrhl atlujin s yüur (race, Form, ;ml swiM' Brlght Blue Ejes! Put DO truBt iu "by-and by " Whcn the üilver siimmnns ulls, stmitly spek- 'tti Fatebffall! oiir iijniiitui turna each golden door, And then it sliuts forevermorol -Scribmr Ur februari.


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