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Ann Arbor City Markets

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tareiuuy ïtovisea weeiely hy tho Publüner. Ann Arbor, March f. On account of f iirthcr ad ranee in price of whoat, receipts have inercased. Producers are more disposod to sell. Provisions arrive equal to domand, except potatoos, held bnek, eithor on account of Kght erop or indisposition by farmera to acoept current ratcs. Apples- Green, wanted at 35c. Jrle% wanted 2a3c. Ileans- Wanted at 7.1a$l. Calf skins - 9o. Kip 7c. Olovor Sod - 9B,ftt#8.80. Corn- Shelled 36c; lfic. Fura- Skunk 15c to $1.25; fox 20a?l ; coon 15a 80c; rat 5al0e. Itides - 5 We creen ; curod 6lia7. Hogs-7 Oats- 2ic. PelU- 26ft$1.50. Potatoes - Not. plenty and wanted at SOaM Poultry- ChickcoB 8, turkies 10, fowla 7c. Tullow - 5c. Timothy Seed- $1.25a1.35. Wbcat- 95u98c new ; oldilal,05. BETAIL RATES. Apples- f! reen, 45a5Oc. BeaiiB - 5c per quart. Hran- OOcts per hundrej. Jiutter- 15c. Oabbage - fialOc. checas- I2Uc; Clover Seal -tu$4.25. Coni- 25c ear ; shelled 50c. Oorn Ideal- Coarae tl ; bolted. Orunberriea - lüc por quurt Eras- 16c Flour- $55.50. Talent $S per barrel. Oround Feod- SI per hundrcd or tl per ton. Harns- 8ubm curcd Wc. Hominy - 4c per lb. Ilom-y - 15a2w. l.ani - 8c. SOo. Oal raeal - ie. Potjttot-s - ilic. Pork- fresh Sh10c ; aalt 8al0o. Halt - Onoodaga fl.86 BhouMers- 7o. Tallow- c. Tlmothy Bata- Sl,50aSl.í5. i - 1


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