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During a recent Chinese banquet at San Francisco an orange was laid at the plate of each guest. The frviit, in being cut open, was found to contain five kinds of delicate jellies. Colored eggs were also served in the inside of which were found nuts, jellies, raeats, and confections. When one of the Americans asked the interpreter to explain this legerdemain of cookery, he laughed heartily, shook his head, and replied, "Melican man heap smart, - why he not flndee out f The expression" A l,"popularly used to desígnate the first quality of articles, is copied f rom the symbols of the British and foreign shipping-list of the Lloyds. "A" is used to designale the character or conditions of the huil of a vessel, and the figure "I" to denote the efficiënt state of her anchors, cables, and stores. If those are insufficient in quantity or quality, the figure "2" is used to indícate the same. When it is said of a snip, "she is A 1," it means that she is all right as to huil, rigging, and equipments. A New York letter-writer says, that the healthiest people in New York are the physicians, who see in others the consequences of violating the laws of nature, and henee are controlled by caution. Besides this, their daily rides promote health. The next class in point of hygiëne is made up of the letter-carriers, who are out on their mail errands. and who derive from this exercise a benefit which compensates for their small rate of pay. These men learn thut uut-door life is the true method of existence, Germán Street Scènes.- TravelIers l'md the street scènes in Germán towns peculiar and noticeable. Single cows and oxen are harnessed and worked like horses. One is surprised at the large size and physical strength of the women, who seem to perform the principal portion of the physical labour ; while those of their lvusbands not permanently engaged in smoking and beer drinking are either soldiers or polioemen. (ürls and dogs are harnessed together in milk carts, and horses are harnessed to a pole, in place of being between two shafts. The women, ;ts a rule, are not beauti; ful, not even coniely. Undoubtedly there are pretty Marfruerites, bidden away somewhere, with their long braids of blonde hair, but they certain]y do not much abound. On the other band, there are to be found yery few beggars or dranken people. An air of llirilt surrounds one on allsides. A young man from the country went to have a tooth stopped.' Tlie dentlst advised hiiu to have the tooth taken out, uid assured him that he would feelno pain if he inhaled laughing-gas. "But what is the effect of the gas ?" asked the youth. "lt siinply makes you totally insensible," answered the dentist; "you dont know anything that takes place." The rustic assented, but just previous to the gas being administered he put his hand into his pocket and pulled out bis jnoney. "Oh, don't trouble about that now !" said the dentist, thinking that he was going to be pald his fee. "Not at all," remarked the patiënt : "I was simply going to see how much I had before the Ngas took effect."


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