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A DOLLAR SAVEO IS A DOLLAR EARNED ! NEW GÖODS ! AndpricesLOWER THAN EVER, I have pnrchased in New Tork, for onsh, and I am now daily receivins one of the largest and most eeïect stocks of Grocerics in Washtonaw County, consiating of a full and well selected LINE OF TEAS, All of the new erop - including ; uu powders, Imperials, Youiiff II j - sous, 11 o:ii, Japans, Oolongs, l'orinosas, luii;uiis, smii Ikhlïs, and Twanka] s, Together with a full line of COFFEES, conaistidï of the followin branda: MOCHA, OLD OOV'T JAVA.MAUACAIHO, LAÜUAYRE.SANTO8 and HIO, both roasted and ground ; a full and well selected stock of S JuARS, SYRUPS AND MOLASSES, Together wlth everything in the line cf Pure 8pjc(;3,Canned fruita, and Vegetables. "We have u full and completa line of BOOTS & SHOES, HATS, CAPS, GLOVES And HüRiery. AJbo, a choioe assortraent of Ladies' and (ientlcmen's Underwcar. Cali and exninine (Joods and Prioea and we will insure satiafaction. EöWARD DUFFY. Haynard'B lilock,-' cor. Main nnd Aun streeta Ann Arbor, Mlcb, BSTHiirhest cash price puid for all farm produce. IBffl DETEOIT, HILLSDALE AND SOÜTHWESTEjKN RAI1.KOAD. To tuk effect Aug. 19, 1SÏ8. OOINQ WEBT. QOISO ACT, STATIONS. Muí;. Exp. i STATIONS. EXD. Ü4Í1 A. M. P, b. YpHilnnti . . . . 8:16 6:05] a. m. p. M. Modo Juno.. Sijfl ftrfts . Banken 5:00 2-00 J1118 3:25 P:45 ; Ilülsdnle ... .',:.ül 2-AO Bridge-wnter.. 9:47 7:07 Manchester.. a;30 4-0" Manchester. 10:22 M8 l'.iidgcwiiter 9:PP i-; __. , " ' Saline 8:50 4:12 Hillwlale 1:1)0 !): 17 'lul, do .lime. 1(1:10 (r..B antera IjlO 10:00 Yimilunti.... 1O:3, MIS Traius run by Ohloae (irn(. W. 1'. PAKKEH, Sup't, Ypoilunli. '


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