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There were serious riots Wednesday night in the colliery villagcs in Uurham. Near Consett 16 policemen, protecting non-atrikers, were injured, and a house wrecked. Riotmg was reaumed next day, and it ia feared may become geneial among the stnkers. General Garibaldi lying Bick at Rome, daily receivea visita from political personages. Heplying to a deputation from the Italian committee at Trieste, Garibaldi said; "I have npver been more concerned for the interests of our brethren beyond the Alps than I am now." Seventcen thousand persons in Szegedin and the neighborhood of that city are still Bubaisting on charity. It has been raining for 10 dayB. The supply of bread is becoming exhausted. Ex-United States Senator Christiancy, Minister to Peru, passed through Panama April 2d, en route for Lima. A correspondent at Paris telegraphs that the Sultan, Tuesday, addressed a telegram to Lord Salisbury formally condemning the proceedinga of the Khedive as a danger to the whole Kast, expressing a willingneBs to cancel the firman regulating the Egyptian succession, to depose the Khedive and send Hamlin Pasha to Alexandria in a Turkish man-of-war aa the Kedhive's successor. The Sultan'a telegram has been communicated to France. Gen. Garibaldi was taken in a carriage to the Qnirinal, Sunday, and the King conversed with him privately in the carriage tor half an hour. The Kieff correspondent of the St. Petersburger Journal gives the following account of a political outbreak among the political prisoners lastmonth: "The persons under arrest in Kieff prison resolved some time ago to tunnel under the walls and escape. The scheme was betrayed by one of the conspirators. The authorities allowed the priaonera to continue the excavation. When tho tunnel waa complete and the priaoners had entered it one after the other, intending to come up the ing beyond the prison precincta, soldiere, previously posted at the opening, shot the escaping prisones as they carne up, when the bulk of the prisoners, terrified by the noise of the firiHg, stopped and remained in the tunnel. The soldiers were sent in from behind and the unfortunate wretches, canght between two fires, were all shot down." The pioposition of the English coal minors that wagea be redueed now from 6 to 7% per cent. for various classes of work, and that the remainder of the masters' demanda be submitted to arbitration has been rejected. Meetings were held Sunday at which 17,000 men were present. They declared their determination to resist the mustera' demanda. While the Czar was taking his morning walk early Monday, near the palace, four shots were fired at him. The Czar was unhurt. The man who fired the shots was arrested by the crowd which the firing attrected. The city was decorated in thankfuinesa for the Czar's escape. The Emperor's aBsailant givea the name of Skolof. He ia a retired functionary of the Minister of Finance, and is about 30 yeara old. Une thousand one hundred reTolutionista have been arrented in Ruaaia withiti the last fortnight. (len. Garibaldi has published an energetic letter in favor of universal suffrage, and called for a meeting of Republicana for the 21at inst. to take measures for the agitation of the question. The Mexican Congress opened on the lst inst., when President Diaz delivered an important message. He informa the Congress of the conclusión of a contract by the Secretary of Public Works for the laying of a submarino and land line telegraph from a Gulf po. t of the United States along the Mexican coaat, touching at various Mexican porta, and passing by way of the Isthmus of Tehautepec to the Pacific coaat, where it is to termínate. Referring to the United Statea, President Diaz complains that the order of Gen. Ord for the pursuit of raiders acrosa the border ia still in force, and the treaty of 1848 is thereby violated ' Preaident Diaz hopen that the United Staies, obeying the dictates of justice and oonaidering the interest of commeroe and industry, will revoke that order, as it is contrary to international law.


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